Kojey Radical – A King in Waiting

The London born artist is on the verge of greatness. City Countdown takes up the story.

-London's Best Music-
What: rap artist
Singles: Kwame Nkrumah, 2020
Album Cashmere Tears

Some artists could quote passages from Shakespeare and still sound like used car salesmen while others can recite a shopping list and make it sound like the bible. Kojey Radical (real name Kwadwo Adu Genfi Amponsah) clearly belongs to the latter category.

This is a man who has been hovering around the periphry of global musical superstardom for a couple of years, always seemingly only a few short steps away from the winners circle. However surely now, with the recent arrival of his biggest project to date, 2017’s brilliant In God’s Body,  Kojey’s wait is over?

Kojey is a hard artist to define. Straddling the boundary between spoken word and rap, Radical has never been comfortable being called a rapper and in truth his work contains too many nods to spoken word to enable easy classification.

The artist also has far too diverse a list of interests and concerned to fit into the stereotypical world of the gangster. His lyrics are refreshingly free of empty headed boasting and material preocuppations. Instead he tackles a range of subjects from.Religion to politics to sexual politics.

Due to his deep lyrical eloquence, the and the noble way he carries himself  Kojey has often been likened to a yooug king and the artist recently admitted to one interviewer that he liked the description.

Radical is at his most animated when he spits on subjects close to his heart. He can be as slick and verbally dextrious as the best of his contemporaries on bumpers like and but to hear him perform a Kwame Nkrumah or he is to hear this would be king take a step closer to the throne.

On Kwame Nkrumah in particular, the artist seems almost possessed, his lyrical flow is so inspired, his performance so shimmering with raw power and emotional intensity. The self penned lyrics, a homage to his father’s Ghanian homeland and to the countries first Black Ghanian President Kwame Nkrumah, are memorable and moving, but it’s Kojey’s performance that elevates the tune above anything else currently on offer in the world of rap.

Nkrumah is a volcanic eruption of searing emotion, tidal anger and heroic regret cunningly disguised as a five minute pop song. Its lyrics conjure powerful images of a nation whose moment has come and Radical comes close to Whitmanesque stream of conscious lyricism as he catalogues his experiences. `I cry the tears of a nation` Radical says at one point and you can`t help but believe him.

Radical continues the Whitmanesque vibe on the new EP with a good example provided by Icaras and partocularly its opening lines:

‘A king in my past life, I stand in my own body, born again, bar God, I prove myself to nobody”

In my Body is the artists biggest undertaking to date from the opening lines of the EP’s first song, it is clear that this is an artist at the very top of his game. The album is a clever mix of bangers and slower, more reflective moments with Kojey’s incredible, husky delivery the constant throughout. Standout tracks include Icarus, and.

Its clear from his output that Kojey Radical is that rare thing. A true artist. The  easy definition and easy subject matter Kojey goal seems to be a greater prize. I have to agree that there is something noble even royal about this young man. The question is, is 2018 the year he finally ascends to the throne?

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-London's Best Music-
What: rap artist
Singles: Kwame Nkrumah, 2020
Album Cashmere Tears
Website: No Record