Ghosts of the Old City

If you'd like to find out why London Walks are described as the world's greatest walking tour company this fantastic tour is a good place to start.

Ghost walks can be bad. Extremely bad. Have you ever been on a ghost walk that just didn’t work? Where each ‘scare’ was followed by giggles or embarrassed silence and the ‘spine chilling’ locations left a lot to be desired.

Fortunately, London Walks know how to do things properly.  Their ‘Ghosts of the Old City’ tour is the mother of all scary London ghost walks and horror lovers will not want to miss it!

The location is excellent, obviously. The City of London is tailor made for ghost walks with countless dimly lit yet atmospheric alleyways which are just perfect for a scare of two. Just as importantly, the City is absolutely bursting with tales of ghastly goings-on and grim deeds that are just screaming out to be told.

Medieval London was certainly not for the faint hearted. If medieval visitors to the city were in any doubt of that fact, the sight of a severed head on a spike on a city gate should have dispelled any doubts. The city elders liked to put the heads on display to warn wrongdoers of the potential cost of their actions.

No, the material is definitely there. However it still takes a skilled guide to draw that material out and that’s where London Walks has a massive head start on the competition. For the company can regularly call on guides of the quality of Shaughan, Adam and Karen who present the Ghosts of the Old City tour.

If you don’t know their names yet, let me tell you that these are three of the best guides in the world right now. If you think that’s an idle boast then maybe you will think again when you learn that Karen for example was recently rated the World’s Greatest Guide according to the Travel and Leisure rankings.

London Walks have promised that those hardy souls brave enough to attend the tour will learn about the She-Wolf of France, the Black Nun and the hound of Newgate. Sounds like fun.

Ghosts of the Old City takes place every Tuesday (except Tuesday nights in Jan. and Feb.) at 7.30 pm and every Saturday (year-round) at 7.30 pm. The website asks you to meet’s Duke of Darkness’ or the ‘Shadow Walker’ or the ‘Woman in Black’ just outside exit 2 of St. Paul’s Tube. Don’t worry though, The Duke of Darkness is Shaughan, The Shadow Walker, Adam and The Woman in Black is Karen. We think.

If you decide to attend a London ghost walk, do check the website in advance to make sure the walk is running on that particular day. Dates and times can change.

The Ghosts of the Old City Walk takes place every Saturday evening at 7.30pm. Check the London Walks website for details of the meeting point and how to purchase your ticket.



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