The Comedy Store Players

This central London comedy night is one of the best in London, with a group of players that would grace any stage in the world. Peter Gray reports.

This is by far the most consistently funny evening of improv comedy in London in our opinion. Definitely go – but heed our warning – be careful or you could easily laugh up a kidney watching this lot.

The Comedy Store Players are veterans at working a crowd. They soften the room up with subtle witticisms and then bang, floor them with belly laughs. There are six members of the gang – Josie Lawrence, Lee Simpson, Andy Smart, Neil Mullarkey, Steve Steen and Steve Edis – and they each have their own uniquely funny personality and style.  Believe me once you’ve seen these guys do comic improvisation you will find it hard to watch anyone else attempt it. So if you are looking for great improv comedy in London, then the Comedy Store is the place.

Oh heck, don’t take our word of it, here is what the critics are saying:

“Comedy Store Players: A supportive crowd wills on six brave performers who arrive with no script and not the faintest idea of what will happen. Through improvisation they create whole sketches and comic dramas that are amazingly inventive and sometimes take off into flights of surreal brilliance.
Whose Line Is it Anyway is a pale TV imitation”.

– The Daily Telegraph

“These are masters of their craft and there wasn’t a dull moment. Terrific fun”.

– Manchester Evening News

“The best ad-lib ensemble in the UK”.

– London Evening Standard

“What happens when a bunch of the world’s most hilarious comedians come to town? Uproar, of course”.

– Banglore Times

“The troupe more than lives up to its hallowed reputation…the livewire skill underpinning all that wanton spontaneity quite takes your breath away”.

– Dominic Cavendish, Daily Telegraph.

Ok? Convinced?! We thought you might be.

More information about the show can be found here.

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What: comedy improv
When: tbc
Where: The Comedy Store, LDN