Market Halls – London Food Market

City Countdown Food Columnist Juti Kongaunruan discovers foodie heaven at restaurant laden Market Halls, a converted train station in West London.

Columnist Juti at London food market, Market Halls
Columnist Juti at London food market, Market Halls

Columnist Juti at London food market, Market Halls

With London food markets popping up left right and centre, how do you know which one to pick? Well, if you want BBQ, Thai, poke and champagne cocktails all under one railway inspired, air-conditioned roof, then Market Halls is the one for you!

I headed down there recently to try their newly launched brunch and I could quickly see why this particular London food market is so popular. With a range of amazing vendors such as HotBox, Ahipoke, Butchies, Soft Serve Society and more, there really is something for everyone. Perhaps oddly, the best part of food halls for me is collecting your buzzer after ordering your food. I hate waiting but this is more than made up for when watching the little device flash and vibrate the whole table.

A wrap at London food market, Market Halls

A wrap at London food market, Market Halls

I also love how they have the brunch menus on the table despite having so many vendors – it makes it much easier when it comes to choosing your meal. I opted for the exclusive Brunch Muffin from Butchies (this is only available at Market Halls), Buttermilk Pancakes from HotBox and a brekkie kafta bap from Fanny’s Kebabs. I washed it down with two signature cocktails because, well, why not?!

My Asian background means that I love anything with sriracha sauce on it and I’m an absolute sucker for fried chicken therefore the Brunch Muffin from Butchies was just perfect. The pancakes were very heavy however so if you don’t eat fat then they probably aren’t for you. I must admit I nearly burst trying to conquer it! The syrup drizzle only added to the ‘heart attack on a plate’ effect, but at the end of the day, these pancakes are from BBQ legends HotBox so what did you expect?!

The wrap from Fanny’s Kebab was a lovely and light addition to balance out the heavier and meatier dishes – just perfect for a quick grab-and-go lunch if you’re passing by.

What makes this particular food hall all the more memorable is the impressive interiors. Market Halls is built within a very well preserved Edwardian train station and so effectively has the space been utilised that the food hall can house over 200 hungry humans. The bar is laid out like a train station ticket counter which is a great touch and by keeping the walls light and the ceiling high, it really makes the space more charming and inviting.

Given the exceptionally hot summer we are currently experiencing, the air-conditioning was a welcome plus and it made Market Halls the perfect venue to escape the heatwave, have a quick coffee and a bite to eat.

The venue is open for breakfast, lunch, dinner and drinks so there really is no excuse for not popping down to Market Halls this summer and ticking this wonderful London food market off your London foodie to do list – you certainly won’t regret it!

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