Swingers – Crazy Golf in London

If you come expecting to trade in your partner you'll be dissapointed but if it's crazy golf you're after then this is the place for you. Lucy Skoulding reports.

Swingers Crazy golf in London

If you are looking for a cool venue to play crazy golf in London, then Swingers is the place. That’s because Swingers is London’s answer to the golf-in-a-bar phenomenon that has been growing in popularity in recent years. The original venue is located near the Gherkin in the City but due to the phenomenal success of the venture, a second branch recently opened in London’s West End.

Swingers is a great way to inject a bit of something different into your night out. Golf bars have become increasingly popular in cities across the world in the last few years and the two London based bars have tapped into an eager audience of Londoners who have grown tired of more conventional pursuits.

One of the great things about Swingers is that both venues host proper bars rather than the type of half hearted efforts that you normally find tacked on to this type of attraction. This means that a night out at Swingers is a much more well rounded evening where you can eat and drink before hitting the course.

You can start the evening at one of the venue’s pop up food outlets, the choice includes burger bar Patty and Pun, pizzeria Made of Dough, Breddos Tacos, and a desert option at Hackney Gelato.

You can then follow that up with a drink or two at the funky Swingers house bar. The Swingers bar offer normal beverages like wine, draught beer and spirits but if you are feeling a bit more adventurous you can also choose from a range of frozen and exotic-flavoured cocktails. What I particularly liked about the venue is that you can take your drinks onto the course and you can even order more drinks as you play.

Ok, so what about the course, I hear you say? Well, it’s an adventure across, through and over a range of challenging obstacles. The obstacles range from a bridge to a loop the loop to a fully functioning lighthouse! You put your ball in the starting position and each player then takes it in turn to play a shot until your group have completed all nine holes. You can either elect a scorekeeper or get everyone to keep their own scores and the object of the game is to complete the course using as few shots as possible. Just to make it more even more difficult – players have to do this while guzzling as much alcohol as they can stomach and shaking a leg to the cool tunes.

Entry costs £13 per person at peak times or £10 per person off-peak (Monday to Wednesday until 5pm). The club is open to over 18s only and Swingers advise visitors to book in advance if there are six or more people in your group.

It’s a really good idea to book in advance anyway, as the bars can get extremely busy even at what might appear to be traditionally quiet times.  However if you do decide to just turn up, day-time tickets can be bought from midday and evening ones from 6pm.

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