Liv Dawson Live at Scala (cancelled)

This event has been cancelled.

The talented young singer Liv Dawson

The rising young star will be bringing her Liv Dawson Live show to the Scala in March 2019.

It’s hard to believe that Liv Dawson is only 19 given the stunning maturity of her music. Witness the killer single, Tapestry. It feels like a richly seasoned soul classic, the kind of ballad that Luther, Whitney or Beyoncé would have released in their prime.  The track is so stuffed full of emotion, power and soul that I swear you can still feel its rich tone vibrating through you, long after the music has ended.

If Tapestry seems like a fluke however, a lucky strike from a musical chancer, all such myths are dispelled the moment you hear Painkiller. The song is as different to Dawson’s debut as they come. Where Tapestry is all soft and lush, Painkiller is bouncy and upbeat.

What both of these songs have in common however is that killer hook. Painkiller is one of those songs that, once lodged in the brain, is almost impossible to remove as it burrows deeper and deeper into your grey matter. It’s one of those songs that you’ll find yourself humming in the bath, on the bus and the supermarket.

Both tracks showcase Dawson’s elegant and beautiful singing voice perfectly and both songs showcase the singer songwriters’ incredible gift for song writing. This may not come as such a surprise when you learn that Dawson has been making music and performing since the age of twelve.

The Shepperton born singer first got the bug after becoming addicted to the Dreamgirls soundtrack. The artist reveals that it is one of her earliest musical memories and part of the reason that she is doing what she is doing now.

By the age of thirteen, the artist was composing her own songs and by the age of sixteen Dawson had signed to Method Records, releasing the aforementioned Tapestry, Painkiller and the EP Open Your Eyes. All show the remarkable talent of the woman who will be appearing at Scala, Pentonville Road on the 27th March 2019.

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