The Leafwild Cafe – Ladbroke Grove

Peter Gray was in Ladbroke Grove at the Leafwild Cafe recently. Did it live up to his high expectations? Read on.

A waiter serving London's best gluten free foods at the Leafwild Cafe

Today I visited the Leafwild cafe in Notting Hill in my never ending quest to bring you London’s best gluten free foods.

I had never heard of the little cafe before a friend recommended it on Instagram. I’m really glad she did however as the Leafwild Cafe is an absolute gem serving some terrifically moreish food.

The cafe is in cosmopolitan Ladbroke Grove, a stone’s throw away from Portobello Road market. The area is a microcosm of London with a dizzying variety of ethnic groups and social classes all living happily side by side.

Coffee and pancakes at the Leafwild cafe

Coffee and pancakes at the Leafwild cafe

The menu is small, but I’m assured that absolutely everything is gluten free. Almost everything is vegan too. The cafe does the usual mix of brunch staples like pancakes, granola and everyone’s favourite – avocado on toast.

I eventually plump for the chia pancakes, scrambled eggs on toast and banana bread with a soya latte to wash it all down.

I tuck into the eggs first. The dish is simple but substantial with a generous helping of scrambled eggs. The eggs are accompanied by sourdough toast, rocket, massaged kale and seasoning. The eggs are good, but the bread is a thing of wonder, irresistibly chewy and full of flavour.

The chia pancakes are the next on my hit list. These bad boys are made of gluten free flour, chia seeds and coconut milk. They are tastefully dressed with berries, toasted seeds, coconut yoghurt and date syrup.

The pancakes are out of this world – light, spongy and warming. The real fruit accompaniment works a treat too. It’s perfect comfort food and it is gone in an instant. The presentation is excellent too. The date syrup has been artfully drizzled around the plate and the berries add the necessary splash of colour to the arrangement. Instagrammers will love this place, I think as I finish my photogenic meal.

Is this the free from cafe in London? For the quality of the food, the cosy ambience and the excellent customer service it must be close. The Leafwild Cafe is at Ladbroke Grove.

For more information about the cafe, please click here.

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