L’ami Malo – Traditional French Food in London

L'ami Malo is a little gem in the heart of London with a Breton inspired menu that highlights the region's love of buckwheat galettes. Peter Gray reports.

L'ami Malo - traditional French food in London

If you thought you had to go all the way to France to sample authentic Breton crepes then think again as L’ami Malo have brought a taste of the region right into the heart of London.

The restaurant is tucked away on Artillery Lane behind Bishopsgate. The venue is surrounded by several other eateries and is right in the middle of one of London’s most fashionable districts.

The interior of the restaurant is wonderfully cosy with a simple mix of suede seating and wood walls. This look is nicely complimented by the shelves full of colour coordinated Breton crockery.

I am served by the lovely Esther. She explains the menu in great detail and is quite happy to answer the numerous questions I have about the individual dishes. When I tell her about my dietary issues she informs me that I can easily substitute ingredients from other dishes into whatever I choose.

Breton Buckwheat galette from L'ami Malo

Breton Buckwheat galette from L’ami Malo

The menu has a good range of dishes with an emphasis on simple French cooking and buckwheat based dishes. The website for the venue relates that “the inspiration for L’Ami Malo comes from the traditional French town of St Malo, which is famous for its crêpes and galettes”. The website also informs me that Buckwheat is “favoured for its healthy, versatile and gluten-free properties”.

I eventually plump for a scrambled egg & pancetta galette and a salted caramel one for dessert. The galettes themselves are gorgeous. They’re soft, light and crisp at the edges – just as a classic Breton galette should be.

The scrambled egg and pancetta filling in the savoury crepe works perfectly and the whole thing goes down a treat.

This is French comfort food at its very best. Themoment I take a bite I am transported to a perennially sunny and idyllic part of the French countryside. I am suddenly in one of those cosy little creperies in some typically picturesque little French town – the type that you can find dotted around the country.

I wash the dish down with a typically delicious French cider. It’s called Bouche Breton. What is it about French ciders that make me want to hug my fellow diners – even the ones I do not know?!

If the scrambled egg crepe was good the salted caramel galette is a thing of wonder. I inform Esther that I will probably only take a small bite as I’m trying to avoid sugar,however the moment I taste it something else takes over,
and by the time I come to my senses, the whole thing is gone!

L’ami Malo is a little gluten free gem on the outskirts of the city of London. The cosiness and warmth of the interiors are matched by the impeccable service and the authentic French food is a delight. Go soon.


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