Pancake Tuesday

Pancake Tuesday is a great opportunity to share some delicious pancakes with your nearest and dearest. Peter Gray reports.

A stack of blueberry pancakes on Pancake Tuesday

Pancake Tuesday is fast approaching so put aside any thoughts of diets and healthy food and prepare yourself for some serious binge eating.

The day was an important milestone in the Christian calendar. Coming immediately before Lent, Pancake Tuesday (or Shrove Tuesday to give it its proper name) offered the devout a final opportunity for indulgence before the period of fasting began.

The event also provided citizens with a handy way of using up foods that would otherwise have gone to waste during the season.

The date of Pancake Tuesday traditionally depends on the dates of Easter with this year’s event falling on Tuesday the 5th of March.

Pancake Tuesday is not just about feasting however. The day is just as much associated with light hearted amusements as it is with food so prepare yourself for some serious fun at one of the dozens of pancake tossing and pancake races up and down the capital.

In recent years the day has also provided a great opportunity for charities to indulge in a spot of fundraising and many traditional activities are now tied to charitable initiatives.

Pancakes with strawberries on Pancake Tuesday

Pancakes with strawberries on Pancake Tuesday

Pancake Day restaurants

Why not celebrate the day in style by treating yourself and your friends/family to a special meal? Here are City Countdown’s top five recommendations for places to eat on Pancake Tuesday:

1)The Breakfast Club – There’s a reason why these guys have people queuing down the street. The quality of the Breakfast Club’s food is no longer a secret however success has certainly not diminished that quality and the pancakes in particular are still mouth-wateringly good.

The salted caramel banoffee pancakes are a delight and the dish is highly instagrammable to boot. The pancakes come with vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce and the results are just perfect. Honestly, these are the pancakes they serve in heaven.

2) Christopher’s – Christopher’s certainly takes its pancakes seriously with a build your own menu which allows diners to create their own selections from a list of bases, fillings and toppings. You have a choice of three types of pancake – buttermilk, blueberry buttermilk to choose from. Then, once you’ve decided on your base, you’ll need to decide on the toppings. There’s maple cured bacon, mixed berries, Nutella or coconut yoghurt and cinnamon dusting. If that sounds like it, then you’d be wrong as Christopher’s is only just getting started.

Ok, next you’ll want to choose your ice cream – there are five to choose from – so it’s up to you whether you have salted caramel, honeycomb, matcha green tea, coconut sorbet or Madagascan vanilla. Ok, exhausted?! What do you mean yes? You’re nearly there. You need to decide what you want to douse the dish in. There’s maple syrup, blueberry compote, lemon and honey or a rich chocolate sauce. The choice, as they say, is yours however whatever you choose, you’ll probably need to schedule a bit of recovery time after you finish your eating.
18 Wellington Street, Covent Garden, WC2E 7DD

3) L’ami Malo This great Breton inspired eaterie near Liverpool Street specialises in the crepe’s clean living little brother, the galette. The pastries are made in the same way as crepes but use healthy and nutritious buckwheat flour. Which means that these moreish pancakes are not only absolutely addictive but they’re also good for you too. We recommend the Salted Caramel galette. However, one word of warning – one might not be enough!

Read our review of the restaurant here: L’ami Malo.

4) The Leafwild Café – Ladbaroke Grove.
If you cannot tolerate gluten then this fantastic little café in West London might be the perfect place for you. They have a great range of gluten free brunch options and the chia pancakes are a work of genius. The pancakes are made using chia seeds and coconut milk and come with berries, toasted seeds, coconut yoghurt and date syrup. Heaven.
Read our review of the café here: the Leafwild Café.

5) Le Creperie De Hampstead (LCDH)
Before you snort and sniff the air derisively you should know that LCDH are a Hampstead institution and they are also probably the best pancake vendor in all of London. Yes, the company do work out of a small box (it stands outside a popular local pub) but the pancakes they produce are certainly none the worse for it and the long queues pay testament to the quality of the company’s creations.

Seemingly the secret of the vendor’s success is in ignoring all the healthy eating fads and instead filling their creations to bursting with a variety of indulgent ingredients. So you can choose the Banana Butterscotch Cream Dream which consists of bananas fried in butter topped with nuts and then splashed with cream and butterscotch. Then there’s the Banana and Belgian chocolate crepe which boasts of a choice between three types of Belgian chocolate or the Nutella dream which is full to overflowing with creamy Nutella. If that were not enough, all of the crepes are cooked using butter.

Whatever crepe you choose, the result is generally the same which explains why first time customers find themselves visiting Hampstead again and again. Indeed, it’s really no surprise that the creperie is such a draw or that it can boast of a clientele which includes the likes of Kate Moss and Harry Styles.

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