Abseiling at the Arcelor Mittal Orbit

London's coolest attraction is also home to one of London's most thrilling activities. Peter Gray reports.

Arcelor Mittal Orbit

If seeing London from the open top of a Routemaster bus is just not cutting it for you, then abseiling down the Mittal Orbit might just do the trick. The Orbit is the UK’s tallest sculpture and since April 2018 the attraction has been throwing open its doors to visitors who would like to do a bit more than just admire the views.

Given that we’re talking 262ft, this is not an activity for the faint hearted but if you get your kicks by living on the edge then you will almost certainly love this.

You’re not completely left to your own devices however. There’s a team of trained professional instructors on hand to give you a comprehensive safety briefing before you begin and the organisers also provide specialist safety equipment to ensure you have a safe trip.

Its the views that keep people coming back however. Being situated in fashionable Stratford, the Orbit offers breathtaking views over East London and the City, with the Olympic Stadium, St. Paul’s, the Gherkin and the Shard all visible from the top of the tower.

The abseiling experience is not cheap at £85 per person but it’s not everyday that you get to abseil down one of London’s most iconic icons, is it?! If you’re feeling really flush, you can choose to upgrade to the deluxe package which offers you GoPro footage of your descent.

Abseiling at the Arcelor Mittal Orbit is open to those aged 14 and over only however young people who are aged between 14 and 17 will need to complete a Parental Consent Form before booking.

Once you’ve paid, ensured you’re not drink and being given your briefing, one of the instructors helps you out your harness on. There will usually be a bit of a wait after this where you get to meet all the other abseiling enthusiasts and after that there’s a short walk and you’re away.

Abseiling at the Arcelor Mittal Orbit won’t be for everyone but for those brave enough to try it, there’s fun to be had.

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