The Royal Festival Hall New Year’s Eve Party

For one magical night, London's "living room" will be transformed into a spectacular party venue for the Royal Festival Hall New Year’s Eve Party. Peter Gray reports.

The Royal Festival Hall New Year’s Eve Party 2018

The Royal Festival Hall is probably my favourite entertainment venue in London. Its calendar of events is second to none and the venue can always be relied upon to put on a fabulous party.

For 2019, “London’s Living Room” will be transformed into the ultimate party destination with six (yes, you did read that right) themed pop-up nightclubs to entertain revellers. Each of the clubs will play music from a different decade, so that party goers can choose one period or experience all six throughout the night.

The venue will also play host to an intoxicating mix of live DJs, live orchestras, photo studios and dance classes so there will almost certainly be something for everyone.

A NYE Karaoke booth will see the Royal Festival Hall team up with Lucky Voice to offer revellers an opportunity to belt out their favourite tunes.

Also, as a special treat for diners at the Royal Festival Hall’s Dining Room, the Satin Dollz will perform some of their trademark dance routines to an array of classics from the twenties.

Even better, as the big moment approaches, guest will be able to use the building’s terraces to see the breathtaking Mayor of London’s New Year’s Eve Fireworks display.

Advance booking is essential.

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What: Nye on the river
When: 31.12.19
Where: The Southbank