Eve Wrestling

London's punk feminist superwomen Eve Wrestling are about to body slam Bethnal Green with their signature mix of pro wrestling and theatrics. Peter Gray reports.

Eve Pro Wrestling

Punk Feminist pro wrestlers Eve are back in town this January with the group set to body slam the Bethnal Green Resistance Gallery on Saturday the 12th of January 2019.

Eve Wrestling are the brainchild of real life couple Emily and Dan Read and the group have been making quite a name for themselves in recent years with their intoxicating mix of pro wrestling and theatrical flourish.

The EVE Wrestling website says, “see what happens when a bipolar, home schooling mum of two combines her passions of feminism, punk, politics, mental health and pro-wrestling to create EVE”. The website goes on to promise “death-defying, jaw dropping, action packed, wrestling stunts fuelled with cabaret, comedy and so much more”.

Do not make the mistake of thinking that Eve Wrestling are merely another quirky theatre company trying to do something different, however. Eve are a real wrestling group with a training school – the Eve Wrestling Academy – regularly welcoming would be female wrestlers. The website for the school proclaims, “learn to fight like a girl at Eve Academy”.

The East London based school is for anyone who “self identifies as a woman, or is non-binary, femme presenting and comfortable in a woman-focused environment”. The sessions take place every Sunday at the Resistance Gallery in Bethnal Green with a fee of £10 per session payable on the day in cash.

The group are famous for their feminist philosophy. Emily is a proud supporter of women’s rights and LGBT+ equality. To this end the founder of the Eve Wrestling Collective regular addresses the crowd at Eve events. Her speeches usually focus on creating a safe space at the event and she makes a point of reiterating that racism, sexism, homophobia and hate speech will not be tolerated at the events.

The growth of Eve Wrestling has been dramatically increased by the success of Netflix’s GLOW. GLOW tells the story of a group of LA misfits who begin to pass themselves off as a female wrestling troop called the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling. The show is the work of the production team behind “Orange Is the New Black.”

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