Yamato Drummers – Passion

The Yamato Drummers at the Peacock Theatre is already shaping up to be one of the musical events of 2019 with the legendary Japanese drummers set to bring their breathtaking show back to London. Peter Gray reports.

The Yamato Drummers at the Peacock Theatre March 2019

Japan’s Yamato Drummers are back in London this March for what will almost certainly be another highly energetic round of breathtaking drumming.

This world famous Japanese drumming troupe use Odaiko drums. These were traditionally used in Shinto rituals. The instruments are massive, with each one weighing over half a tonne.

Playing these instruments takes exceptional skill and strength and the Yamato drummers display both in huge amounts in their captivating performances.

The troupe are now world famous having toured the globe on several occasions in the last ten years. In that time their shows have been seen by over 7 million people in 55 countries around the globe.

Now the troupe are set to return to London with their brand new show, Passion. Prepare to be thrilled as the members of the troupe fill the stage with beautiful, memorable and often explosive sound.

The company are masters at fusing music with physical theatre. A performance by the Yamato Drummers is like no other you will see, with the troupe bound about the stage with an energy and a fury that is quite hypnotising.

The Yamato troupe were founded by Masa Ogawa, the legendary artistic director from the Kansai region of Japan. Ogawa says of the instruments: “Taiko is a musical instrument deeply familiar to every Japanese person. Since the dawn of history, Taiko’s rich reverberations have filled people with inspiration and encouragement in a wide range of settings. Its unmistakable sound is still heard throughout Japan today”.

The Yamato Drummers will be at the Peacock Theatre from the 12th to the 31st of March 2019.

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