Nerd Nite

Are you a nerd in search of a good night out? Great, then this might be the event for you. Nerd Nite London is a monthly night with a range of topics and speakers. Peter Gray reports.

Nerd Night London 2019

Nerd Nite London is a regular monthly event where so called ‘nerdy’ subjects are giving an airing by three speakers given 20 odd minutes to make their point or…ahem die trying.

The organisers say “Nerd Nite London aims to teach you details about subjects which you didn’t even know you were curious about, while you drink beer and learn things you didn’t know you didn’t know”.

This month’s Nerd Night tackles the perception that science is boring with final year Ph.D student Shaun Geaney taking to the stage to explain why “superconductors are as cool A.F”. Geaney, who is currently working at the National Physical Laboratory will look at some of the “amazing, bewildering and damn right counter-intuitive” parts of modern physics while paying special attention to superconductors.

The second talk will look at the humble apple, wondering why it has played such a central role in human history and culture. Appropriately, on the eve of Wassail Night, when thousands take part in traditional rituals involving apple trees, Wassail Night and the Power of the Humble Apple will investigate the strange, almost mystical power of this fruit of Eden. The Nerd Night website says “the apple is so ubiquitous, it’s almost invisible. Like air or water, we take it for granted”. Author of The Apple Orchard Pete Brown leads the discussion.

The final talk is by mathematician Zoe Griffith who looks at statistics and in particular the way they have often been manipulated in order to give credence to surprising and ridiculous conclusions. “But The Statistics Says So…” will take a humourous look at its subject matter with some live experiments promised.

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