Winter Happiness Festival 2019

If the winter blues are kicking in then the Museum of Happiness have the solution in their now annual Winter Happiness Festival. Peter Gray reports.

Winter Happiness Festival

The Museum of Happiness’s Winter Happiness Festival 2019 couldn’t have been better timed. With the Christmas and New Year festivities over, the decorations back in the cupboard and the credit card bills piling up, a festival of happiness could not have come at a better time.

January has always been a depressing month – indeed, pseudo scientists have even dubbed the third Monday of the month (Blue Monday) as the most miserable day of the year.

If that seems a bit extreme, it is not hard to see how challenging the month can be. January is when holiday overindulgence finally catches up with us. Let’s face it, it’s not only the bills that are bigger in January, our waistlines are often just as inflated.

Thankfully, the wonderful Museum of Happiness have come to the rescue with a festival dedicated to all the things that cheer us up. The description of the event says that the festival is designed to “provide a relaxing, educational and playful environment where you can build connections, make friends and have lots of fun!”

To get us all in a relaxed, playful mood there will be a balloon room entirely filled with white balloons, interactive displays on such subjects as habits, gratitude, self compassion, playfulness and purpose and a range of workshops and discussions on a variety of related topics.

The event will promote mindfulness with origami and colouring in sessions. There will be a face painter, a silent disco and a Sound Bath Experience (whatever that means). Then, if you fancy indulging yourself, there will be a “guilt free” chocolate café by the Well-Bean Company.

So, all in all, it sounds like a fun weekend.

The festival is taking place from Saturday the 19th of January to Monday the 21st of Jan 2019 at the Re:Centre in Hammersmith.

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