Maisie Peters at The Scala

The forthcoming Maisie Peters Live show at Scala will give Londoners a chance to get acquainted with an artist at the top of her game. Peter Gray reports.


The incredible Maisie Peters is coming to King Cross’s The Scala on the 1st of May 2019 for what is sure to be one incredible night.

For those of you who do not know the singer, Peters’ is the precociously gifted young singer songwriter who has been gathering a massive following on the back of a string of You Tube covers and original material.

She is funny, she is charming, she has a stunning singing voice and she is a great writer. However, of one thing I am certain – Maisie Peters is not eighteen.

I know this because I have spent the last month combing through her You Tube videos in anticipation of the London gig.

Peters’ posts showcase a seemingly endless procession of impossibly pretty, hook laden songs.  The songs demonstrate, time and again, Ms Peters’ mastery of the intricate nuances of melody and harmony.

However, it is not the music that has this writer convinced that Peters is not what she says she is. No, its the lyrics, the subject matter, the tone, the emotions and the beautiful, elegant yet world weary sophistication of the whole package.

Ms Peters writes about relationships and love with the wisdom and insight of someone seemingly looking back on a lifetime of romantic entanglements.

A good example of this is Toast. The lyric says:

“I can’t promise you anything
Guess I’m just a little small to fill your thoughts
Even if I swear by the words I sing
Even if I make you toast forever more”

In the space of these four lines Maisie Peters demonstrates resignation, acceptance, wisdom and maturity. It’s an impressive ticklist for a eighteen year old who still lives at home with her parents.

No, Maisie Peters is not eighteen. Of that we can be sure. Maisie Peters must be lying. No other explanation makes any sense. Maisie Peters is quite clearly a youthful looking forty or fifty something with a complex history of romantic entanglements and lovers. This is the only possible explanation that this writer can find for the complex, emotionally dense music that Peters regularly produces.

However, I can find no possible reason whatsoever to explain why Peters is not more famous than she is. This is the Place Where We Were Made, Toast and Birthday, to name but three, are all hits in the waiting. Toast for one is a song that skilfully seduces the listener, lulling them into a false sense of security with its soft yet insistent accoustic guitar lines, but as soon as its central melody has wormed its way into your brain -wham – it’s too late.

Yes, Maisie Peters may be many things. She is doubtless an incredible writer of pretty, catchy songs, she is a musician of rare skill, she is a nuanced and affecting singer and a writer of beautiful and insightful lyrics. What she is not, quite evidently, is eighteen. This writer just doesn’t buy it.

More information on Maisie Peters at the Scala can be found here.

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