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The Damn Good Liar singer is playing live at Powerhaus, Camden (formerly Dingwalls) and Peter Gray just can't wait.

Emily Burns Live at the OMEARA London
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Bitch, Cheat & Damn Good Liar – just a handful of songs written by the insanely talented London based singer Emily Burns. If you’re foolish enough to wrong the up and coming singer, then you can’t say you haven’t been warned.

Take Cheat for example. The song tells the story of a “whirlwind romance” which left the young singer feeling let down but still clinging to her previous impressions of her ex. Following a chat with her friends, however, the singer was finally able to put her former lover’s actions into perspective; Cheat was the result. The song takes a scalpel to the relationship with lines like “I would’ve done much better, you messed it up forever”.

If the artist’s lyrics sound a tad harsh occasionally, her music is anything but. Together with her regular musical collaborators, Burns has fashioned a sound which is both easy on the ear and perfectly in tune with today’s r’n’b obsessed world. 

Damn Good Liar is a great example. The song begins with a simple yet irresistible guitar riff, before Burns’ breathy voice comes in. The music is catchy and hook laden with an almost Prince like stripped down production.

Damn Good Liar has one of those choruses that stay lodged in your head long after you first heard it. It is Burns’ ability to fuse such melodies with those emotionally frank lyrics that has seen the singer’s stock rise so quickly.

The singer repeats the trick repeatedly on her debut EP, Seven Scenes from The Same Summer. Tracks like Girlfriend at the Time and Test Drive reiterate the incredible talent of the young singer.

UK listeners have not been slow in discovering the artist’s talent, either. Singles like Bitch and Cheat have quickly surpassed the one million streams mark and in 2018 alone the singer amassed a total of eleven million streams of her music online.

Things haven’t always looked as rosy for the young singer, however. Burns came to London when she was just 18. As the singer recalled in a recent interview, the move was a risky one. That’s because the musician had no job or idea of how to get one when she arrived in the capital. Fortunately, Burns did have several musical connections in the city and it was through these connections that the young singer was subsequently able to gain employment – at Abbey Road, no less.

Even while working a five day week however, Burns determined to keep up with her music and singing. The singer would make voice recordings of new ideas in the mornings before work and once she had finished for the day, she’d revisit those ideas.

It was around this time that Burns began to work with influential producer, Rob Cass. The pair began to go into the studio on a regular basis. It was these recordings which would soon begin to attract the interest of the music industry.

Emily Burns will be performing at Powerhaus, Camden on the 29th of April 2021. This gig has been rescheduled due to the Coronavirus Crisis.

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-London's Best Music-
What: gig
When: 29 April 2021
Where: Powerhaus, Camden
Website: Emily Burns