Grace Carter Live

If you'd like to see the incredible Grace Carter live in concert, then you'd better get yourself down to the Electric in Brixton on the 28th of March 2019. Peter Gray reports,

Grace Carter Live at the Electric Brixton

Fans of Grace Carter will be delighted to learn that the “Silence” singer is bringing her arresting brand of emotion heavy pop to the Electric in Brixton on the 28th of March 2019.

The Brighton raised artist has built up a considerable following in the last couple of years with her emotion laden voice and powerful songs which include her smash hit debut single Silence and her current single, Heal Me.

In between, the artist has consistently showcased her now trademark mix of vulnerability and strength on a range of releases taken from her two EPs, Saving Grace and Why Her Not Me.

Carter’s journey to musical stardom began on the day her stepfather presented her with a guitar and the encouragement to write something. From that day on the self confessed angry child had an outlet for her frustrations.

The artist has come a long way since then. Carter was recently voted third on BBC Music’s Sound of 2019, a poll which is collated by canvassing the opinions of a variety of music industry heavyweights including DJs, critics and journalists.

The young artist has gained praise and attention for her emotional honesty and artistic bravery. The video of Silence provided a good example of this. The song featured a clearly emotionally moved Carter crying real tears. Another artist might have stopped the cameras rolling and composing themselves but for Carter, the emotions are the point. Why Her Not Me provides another good example of the singer’s emotional bravery. The song was written on the day Carter discovered that her father had another family.

Given such subject matter, Carter’s music might well have ended up maudlin. In the Brighton born artist’s hands however, the pain is mere fuel and the past used to illuminate the future.

“I never want to be a victim, and that’s the main thing,” she told the BBC News when asked about her past. “Of course, there are sad subjects through all of my songs, but at the end of it I’m stronger than all of that.”

Carter’s show at the Electric will follow shows at the and precede a spate of festival appearances by the talented singer.

So, what can fans expect from a Grace Carter live show? Carter concedes that she does get emotional on stage. “It has happened quite a few times where I’ll be singing, and I see someone cry and it takes me back to when I wrote the song”.

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