Pollock’s Toy Museum

Step back in time and discover the magical world of Pollock’s Toy Museum in Fitzrovia. Peter Gray reports.

Pollocks Toy Museum

This small house museum is a real gem and well worth a visit by anyone looking to explore examples of toys from yesteryear.

The exhibition is housed in a pair of historic buildings in London’s Fitzrovia with the small museum accompanied by a delightful shop.

Set over three floors, six rooms and a pair of winding staircases, exploring the atmospheric building is as much fun as discovering the incredible exhibition.

The exhibits themselves are kept in a delightfully cluttered fashion but this only adds to the charm of the place. It feels like a bit of a treasure trove, crammed full of incredible examples of toys from the past.

The museum and shop are owned by the descendants of BBC journalist Marguerite Fawdry, who purchased the shop from a businessman in 1956. When I visit the venue, I am greeted by two generations of the family, Eddy and his son. Eddy is Marguerite’s grandson and he and his son manage the day to day running of the museum together.

The pair happily talk me through the history of the museum and how it came to its present location. Speaking to father and son I am struck by the beautiful sense of tradition and continuity that Pollocks represents. The Fawdry’s are proudly keeping our cultural inheritance intact.

Finally, a word of warning: I visited Pollocks Toy Museum on a weekday afternoon, and I had the place to myself. As lovely as this was the place can feel a bit spooky at times, an effect that is only heightened by the creaky floorboards and the menacing looks on some of the dolls. If you have a similar disposition to me, do yourself a favour and take a friend.

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