Chelsea Fringe

The Chelsea Fringe's open access policy and anything goes approach has won the festival a host of fans who love gardening but hate the snobbery that sometimes goes with it. Peter Gray reports.

London’s most exciting and inventive gardening festival is back, with a plethora of different venues set to play host to a range of gardening related installations, spectacles and other happenings.

Not to be confused with the much more sober and serious Chelsea Flower Show, the Chelsea Fringe is a community minded initiative that seeks to unleash the creative potential of gardeners and gardens.

The organisers of the event have an open access policy which means they invite events proposals from a wide variety of individuals and groups. Indeed, the website for the event says of the festival “just about anything goes – as long as it’s interesting and legal, and on the subject of gardens, flowers, veg-growing or landscape”.

The Fringe will be hoping to build on the success of previous years and the global movement that the festival has spawned with CF events popping up in Poland, Italy and Australia to name but three.

The Fringe was created by writer, Tim Richardson, as a less formal option to the Chelsea Flower Show and as a way of showcasing the growing guerrilla gardening movement.

The event takes its cue from the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, which performed a similar trick on the much more stuffy and traditional Edinburgh Festival. Like the Scottish festival, the Chelsea Fringe anything goes approach has won it a whole legion of fans who live gardening but hate the snobbery that is so often attached to it.
The Chelsea Fringe 2019 will take place between the 18th and 26th of May 2019 at various locations in Chelsea and across London.

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This year’s event will begin on the 18th of May with the festival running for nine days.

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