London Naked Bike Ride

Two wheels and a smile is all you need for upcoming London Naked Bike Ride. Peter Gray reports.

As much as we’d like to pretend that this isn’t happening, it is, therefore it’s only right that we give you advance warning of what to expect. The World Naked Bike Ride (even writing the term makes us wince) is an annual event that sees hundreds of Londoners (who really should know better), take to the streets, clad only in their birthday suits, for a race like no other.

The organisers of the event say that the “ride demonstrates the vulnerability of cyclists and is a protest against car culture”. The London event is part of a worldwide campaign with “a number of linked themes”. Quite what these “themes” have to do with bombing it down the road commando style is anyone’s guess but we live in a free society and this might just be the price we pay.

A post about a previous Naked Bike Ride describes clothing as optional, so it’s really up to individual participants as to how bold or cold they are feeling on the day.

The 17th WNBR London Naked Bike Ride is expected to take place on the 11th of June 2022. The event will commence from a variety of locations at different times throughout the morning and early afternoon.

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What: cycling event
When: 11 June 22
Where: Central London
Website: No Record