London in the Sky

It's the most talked about dining experience in London and booking has just opened for the summer season. So, are you brave enough to dine with London in the Sky? Peter Gray reports.

We Londoners are a jaded bunch when it comes to eating out. With an almost endless choice of restaurants and different types of cuisine, we’ve pretty much seen (and eaten) it all.

In such a climate, restaurants are forced to come up with more imaginative ways to get diners in, so, in recent years we’ve had dining in the nude, dining in the trees, and dining in the dark, to name but three. However, none of these things could possibly prepare us for the remarkable new dining experience which is about to hit the capital this summer.

In many ways, London’s newest dining sensation seems much like what we’ve seen before. There’s the usual mix of superstar chefs, fancy menu options and dazzling venues. In one significant way, however, this latest in a long line of foodie pop ups is set to leave the competition standing. That’s because, should you choose to reserve, you would be dining on a table duspended 100 feet above the city! Yes, you did read that last bit right.

London in the Sky are the people behind the event, with the company promising a range of dining options on 22 seater ‘sky’ tables. Those brave enough to try it, will not only have the joy of taking in some truly breathtaking views, but also the pleasure of watching their meals being prepared in a specially designed kitchen in the sky.

There are several ‘flights’ a day: with a breakfast trip (£79); brunch (£99); lunch (£139); afternoon tea (£99), cocktails (£99); and dinner (£169).

Interested?! Events are taking place from the 1st of May until the 31st of July, however, if you’d like to go along, you’d better move quick, because tickets are selling fast. London in the Sky is situated next door to the O2 arena with breathtaking views of Greenwich Pennisula on offer for those brave enough to join a flight.

The ‘restaurant’ consists of a single, specially designed table that is hoisted into the air by a massive crane. Each table has space for 22 guests with each diner securely fastened into their seat before take off.

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