It's been a long time coming but with Emma Stone and Emma Thompson on board, Disney's Cruella looks like it might actually be worth the wait. Peter Gray reports.

Following on from 1996’s 101 & 2000’s 102 Dalmatians, Disney’s Cruella is set to explore the backstory of the tragically “misunderstood” socialite.

The movie is due imminently, so there’s no better time to give you the lowdown on what we already know about the film. So, without further ado, here’s our guide to Disney’s Cruella, including the story, cast information, filming locations and expected release date.

Dodie Smith

101 Dalmatians is based upon the book of the same name. The story was written by legendary English author Dodie Smith. The novelist was one of the most popular writers of her day with several critical and popular successes to her name. These include I Captured the Castle and A Tale of Two Families.

It is for 101 Dalmatians that Smith is best remembered, however. The book has been read and loved by generations of children and the characters have become household names.

Smith completed the novel in 1956 and it was turned into a movie in 1961.Thr author later revealed that the idea for the novel had come after one of her friends had made an odd remark about one of her dogs. Admiring the basket of dalmatian puppies, Smith’s friend turned to her and exclaimed “those dogs would make a lovely fur coat”. It was a strange thing to say but the comment proved the inspiration for the author’s most successful novel.

What is the book about?

Are you joking?! Er, ok, 101 Dalmatians tells the story of a bachelor called Roger Radcliffe, who lives alone, save for his pet Dalmatian, Pongo. If Radcliffe seems happy with his lot the same certainly cannot be said of Pongo, who dreams of finding a soul mate. To this end, the mischievous dalmatian engineers a meeting between his owner and fellow dalmatian owner Anita. Things go even better than Pongo could ever imagine and the new couple are soon planning a life together. Things go well for Pongo too as romance blossoms with Anita’s dalmatian Peredita.

All is blissfully well until Peredita gives birth to a litter of puppies. For this is the cue for the evil socialite Cruella De Ville to pay the family a visit. With absolutely no interest in acquiring a pet, De Ville offers to buy the pups but wisely Roger refuses. Not wanting to be thwarted however, De Ville hatches a plan to steal the dogs.

After Roger and Anita discover the puppies missing, they quickly discover the true reason for De Ville’s interest in the pups. It turns out that she has purchased a sum total of 84 pups, with the intention of using the animals’ fur to make a coat!

What’s the new movie about?

The new movie will apparently depict a much younger and more sympathetic de Ville long before the socialite de elops her legendary hatred for dogs. The plot, which is set in the 1980s, will focus on Cruella and her relationship with her sidekicks, Jasper and Horace. So, lies behind De Ville’s legendary hatred for Dalmatians?

Who’s Playing Cruella?

Lala Land’s Emma Stone will be swapping her dancing shoes for Cruella’s famously severe costumes.

Who else is in the cast?

Apart from Stone, the film also stars award winning British actress Emma Thompson, Game of Thrones’, Joel Fry and Paul Walter Hauser.

Production Notes

Rumours about a third movie began shortly after the release of the 102 Dalmatians. However, it would be another 13 years before Disney announced Cruella.

Shortly afterwards, Andrew Gunn was announced as the producer of the new movie, with Glenn Close (Cruella in the first two movies) taking the reigns as executive producer.

Initial reports suggest that The Devil Wears Prada’s Aline Brosh McKenna will pen the new film, however, in January 2016, the Hollywood Reporter announce that Saving Mr. Banks’ Kelly Marcel would perform writing duties instead.

Where is filming taking place?

Principal photography on the new movie took place in London.

Is there a trailer?

Yep, here it is:

Release Date

Cruella is due to be released on Disney+ and in cinemas on the 28th of May 2021.

More information about the movie can be found here.

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