House of Spells

Charing Cross Roads' House of Spells offers fantasy fans a veritable feast of merchandising and collectibles. Peter Gray went along to check it out.

The House of Spells is a fantasy lover’s paradise with more limited edition Game of Thrones and Harry Potter merchandise than you can shake a wand at.

The venue has clearly gone to great lengths to make the store look the part, with bespoke furniture, lighting fixtures, bookcases and even flame holders contributing to the effect.

The store is set over two floors with the ground floor dedicated to merchandise from the two productions while the first floor plays host to a virtual reality zone. The ground floor is the showier of the two with a decidedly Hogwartsesque look, which is perfectly complimented by the atmospheric music.

Every available surface of the room has been utilised in some way, so there is a fearsome looking row of swords on one wall, and a menacing looking owl on another. Even the ornate staircase rail is bespoke, with a creepy looking metal bird perched on the top post.

In terms of merchandise, the store has certainly covered all the bases with t shirts, cushions, bags, as well as the aforementioned wands and swords. There are also dedicated sections for merchandise relating to the different Hogwart houses, so in one corner we have a Gryffindor cape and in another a Hufflepuff sweatshirt.

House Of Spells interior

The wand section is particularly impressive, with a series of bespoke wands belonging to such iconic characters as Lord Voldemort, Professor Snape, Draco Malfoy and Harry Potter himself. 

The 1st floor boasts a Virtual Reality zone where visitors can try a variety of popular virtual reality experiences. There is a queue of people waiting to give the experiences a try but those who have seemed suitably impressed. Dissapointingly however, there are no virtual reality experiences connected to the movies that the store showcases. 

The House of Spells is a unique visitor attraction right in the heart of central London. With a vast collection of Game of Thrones and Harry Potter merchandise, the venue is a collector’s paradise. Moreover, the imaginative interiors and impressive fantasy paraphenalia make the venue a fun place to visit. The virtual reality zone upstairs could perhaps benefit from a few Game of Thrones or Harry Potter virtual reality experiences, but all in all, the store offers visitors a entertaining and satisfying experience.

-London's Best Shops-
What: collectibles shop
Notable for: HP and GOT merch
Where: Charing Cross Road
Website: House of Spells