Gregory Porter at the Albert Hall

Jazz sensation Gregory Porter is back in London this May with a series of dates at the prestigious Royal Albert Hall. Peter Gray reports.

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Eagerly awaited doesn’t even begin to do justice to jazz star Gregory Porter’s forthcoming Albert Hall concerts. Those who have seen the artist live will testify to just how good the man can be.

Ivan Hewett of the Daily Telegraph is a good example. After seeing the vocalist in Berlin, the journalist summed up Porter’s appeal as a “combination of that massively authoritative voice and the touchingly confessional nature of his songs”.

The other ‘cat in the hat’, Porter has quietly gone about building a seriously impressive recording career since he came to prominence with the album Liquid Spirit.

The Grammy award winning album spawned six singles and established Porter as one of jazz’s most bankable stars. Unusually for a jazz album, the collection reached the top 10 of the UK Albums charts, in the process selling over 100,000 units.

Porter followed it up with his fourth album, 2016’s Take Me to the Alley. The album was again greeted with much critical acclaim, with The Guardian newspaper selecting the collection as its Album of the Week.

The singer has augmented these releases with a string of impressive live performances, including a show at the Glastonbury Festival in 2016. His performance was so good that it prompted Daily Telegraph writer Neil Mccormick to comment: “The portly middle-aged jazzer may be the oddest pop star on the planet but he is a refreshing testament to the notion that the most important organ for musical appreciation should always be our ears. And Porter has one of the most easy-on-the-ear voices in popular music, a creamy baritone that flows thick and smooth across a rich gateau of juicy melody. It’s a voice that makes you want to lick your lips and dive right in”.

Gregory Porter will appear at the Royal Albert Hall from Wednesday the 13th until Saturday the 16th of October 2021.

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-London's Best Music-
What: music gig
When: 13-16 Oct 2021
Where: The Royal Albert Hall