Artists to Watch in 2021

2020 has been a particularly great year for recorded music but 2021 is shaping up to be even better. Read on as City Countdown selects its artists to watch for the year ahead.

This list of artists to watch in 2021 was compiled in December 2020

Looking for your new favourite band or singer? OK, you’ve come to the right place. Each year we showcase the acts that we expect to shine in the forthcoming year. Drawn from a variety of styles and genres, each have that ummistakeable something unique or special.

So, whether you’re a fan of neo soul, emo pop or pop funk, prepare to meet your next favourite act, as we count down our Artists to Watch in 2021.

1. Arlo Parks 

The find of 2020

She gave us an indication of her talents on 2018’s Cola, but nothing could have prepared us for what Arlo Parks has achieved in 2019. With Second Guessing, Super Sad Generation, Sophie et al, Parks’ has delivered some of the best left field pop of the year with the haunting Super Sad Generation a worthy contender for record of the year. That this has all come from a 19 year old who is just out of school is quite mindblowing. Indeed, it makes us wonder just what we can expect from the singer in 2021. Our London Artist of the Year. Hands down.

2. Superorganism

On the verge of Greatness

It feels weird talking about SO as “upcoming” as they’ve already been around for what seems like forever. However, despite a respectable level of success, Superorganism haven’t achieved even a fraction of the success that their quirky and charming pop bangers so obviously deserve. Expect the group’s 2nd album, scheduled for early 2020, to begin setting the record straight.

3. Rosie Lowe.

One of the year’s very best albums

Any release from Ms Lowe feels like an event but we were truly blessed in 2019 with the artist’s second long player, Yu. The follow up to 2016’s Control, YU expanded on the classy, head spinning neo soul of her previous releases, while adding a warmer touch to the mix. Songs like The Way, Birdsong and the amazing Pharoah mark YU out as one of the year’s very best releases, and with Ms Lowe currently engaged on a sold out tour of the UK, it’s clear that the singer’s star is not going to fade any time soon.

4. Connie Constance

A voice that could charm the birds down from the trees.

It’s been another great year for Watford’s finest. In March, Constance released her debut album, the brilliant English Rose. The album was preceded by the release of the album’s hauntingly title track. A cover of the Jam classic, Constance’s powerful vocal performance and clever rereading of the song added up to one of the early musical highlights of 2019.  The artist’s first album was a deliciously left field delight, too. Led by the anthemic Fast Cars, English Rose only served to confirm what many of us already suspected – namely, that Constance Power (Constance is her stage name) is an artist on the verge of very big things.

5. Rachel Chinouriri

A rising star with an ear for a killer tune

No list of Artists to watch in 2021 would be complete without this lady.

South Londoner Chinouriri has followed up on the promise she demonstrated on her 2018 debut, So My Darling, with an EP, Mama’s Boy, that’s choc a bloc full of good things. Even in a collection full of gorgeous tracks however, it’s the soulful Adrenaline which has proved the real stand out.

6. Amelle Rose

A rose in bloom

Fire. Rain. Rose has come through the lot this year, and you know what – the lady is still going strong. Quite possibly the most underrated young pop/rock artist on the scene today, Amelle has survived the disappointment of her criminally overlooked first album (Family Tree) to come back even stronger with the singles Fire and Rain. It’s the voice that marks the lady down as a future star, however. Honey sweet at times, husky and raw at times, Rose’s gorgeous voice seems to sound just as comfortable in any setting. Mark our words – Amelle Rose is going to be a very big star indeed. Check her out before the crowd catch up.

7. Kojey Radical

A King in waiting

Mr Radical (sounds weird, right?) has been one of the worst kept secrets on the London rap/spoken word scene over the last few years. Up until now, however, national fame has somehow eluded him. That seems likely to change now, however, with a major label (Atlantic) a critically acclaimed new album (Cashmere Tears) and a live show that is winning friends and admirers aplenty.

8. Kara Marni

Ariana who?

She always had the voice, but Kara Marni has now got the songs to go with it. The artist’s recently released second album No Logic is simply filled to bursting with potential singles with the supercatchy Caught Up leading the way. Yep, the Ariana Grande comparisons are no idle flattery – just don’t be surprised to see Marni go the same way.

9. Eckoes

Why wait? The future is now

Part singer, part visual artist, part superhero, Eckoes seems like a glimpse into the future of recorded music. Known as much for her stunning visuals and eye catching outfits as for her bold and innovative songs, the singer seems to have it all. However, at the end of the day, it’s that voice that marks the artist out as one of our artists to watch in 2021.

10.  Liv Harris

The voice of an angel

Liv who? You say. Just watch, we say. This relatively unknown singer has both the singing and the songwriting ability to be a huge deal in the coming years. Whether it will happen in 2021 is anyone’s guess, but trust us when we say that it will happen. Harris’s single Hideaway has given us a tantalising glimpse of what we can expect from the singer and frankly, we just can’ t wait to hear more from the lady.

Well,we hope you’ve enjoyed our run down of the ten artists to watch in 2021. However, do remember that there are plenty more great singers, songwriters and bands bubbling just underneath the top 10. We’ll be featuring some good of these artists over the next 12 months. 

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