100% Simon Brodkin

With 100% Simon Brodkin, the comic genius behind hilarious comedy character Lee Nelson shows us the man behind the prankster. Peter Gray reports.

Primarily known for laddish comedy invention Lee Nelson, with his plethora of stereotypically macho humour – despite a 15 plus year career, the real Simon Brodkin is still something of an unknown quantity.

Well, that’s all about to change as Brodkin gives his most famous incarnation the heave ho in order to go it alone on tour. The new show, entitled 100% Simon Brodkin, will see the former doctor take to the stage in a variety of venues and settings up and down the British Isles.

The comedian first debuted the new show at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2019, with a variety of riffs on subjects like fatherhood, married life, antisemitism and his recollections of working for the NHS.

Apart from his stand-up and TV appearances, as Lee Nelson Brodkin is perhaps most famous for his much loved practical jokes involving celebrities. Indeed, Bodkin’s  stunts have become so famous that the comedian was the subject of a 2017 Channel 4 documentary entitled Britain’s Greatest Prankster.

One such practical joke saw Brodkin hand the then Prime Minister Theresa May her P45 at the Conservative Party Conference in Manchester. Another saw the comedian ambush the President of the United States Donald Trump at a gold course in Scotland. Brodkin had managed to smuggle himself and sixty five swastika emblazoned golf balls into an improvised press conference on the 9th tee at Turnberry Golf Course in Ayrshire.

Trump was there to mark the reopening of his golf course. As he got up to speak, Bodkin also got up, and after informing the President that he had got the golf balls that Trump had ordered, Bodkin proceeded to chuck the 65 balls onto the green in front of Trump. Needless to say, Brodkin was arrested, however amazingly, given the level of security surrounding the president, Brodkin achieved his aim of playing his prank on the controversial American President.

The dates of the 100% Simon Brodkin tour have been rearranged. More information about the event can be found here.

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