Dirty Dancing (Secret Cinema)

If you've spent your whole life yearning to go Dirty Dancing with Johnny and Baby, then now's your chance - thanks to Secret Cinema. Peter Gray reports.

Get ready to have the time of your life at Secret Cinema’s new production of Dirty Dancing. Following hot on the heels of the company’s award winning version of TV hit Stranger Things, this latest offering from the Kings of immersive cinema promises a night of hot dancing and even hotter romance.

For those of you who don’t know Secret Cinema – and honestly, shame on you – the company are famous for their dazzlingly immersive takes on cinema hits. Audiences don’t just get to see their favourite movies with Secret Cinema – they get to experience the world of the movie too.  

This forthcoming production sees the company sprinkle their considerable magic dust over one of the 1980’s most successful and beloved movies – Dirty Dancing. The story of dance instructor Johnny and would be dancer baby is famous the world over, with the film catapulting its stars – Jennifer Grey and Patrick Swayze – to superstardom.

Now the film is set to thrill a whole new generation of fans as Johnny and Baby get the Secret Cinema treatment.

“Dust off your dancing shoes and turn up the radio; it’s time to bring back the heat!” says the Secret Cinema website about the new event.

“The year is 1963 and Kellerman’s Resort is back for another summer of love. Kick off your vacation with some Cha Cha lessons or enjoy live music with an exotic cocktail in hand. The night is young and at Kellerman’s, your everyday life will be nothing but a distant memory. However, whispers are sweeping through the Catskills. Rumours of secret rhythms, just off the beaten path. Do you dare follow the temptation and sneak out after dark?”

This is not the first time that Secret Cinema have tackled Dirty Dancing. The company debuted a version of the story in 2016 to rave reviews and huge audiences. Now, following a string of recent successes, including Casino Royale and Bladerunner, the dancing romp is back.

2016’s version of the production saw Secret Cinema set up a huge reproduction of Kellerman’s – the Catskills resort where Baby and Johnny meet in the 1987 movie.

The reproduction of the movie extended to a painstaking recreation of the resort’s entertainment offering – with bars, restaurants and even some of the activities which Kellerman’s offered, like dance tutorials.

The setup was so authentic that it led Clarisse Loughrey from the Independent to remark that she had to “remind myself that this was a cinematic experience and that I hadn’t stumbled into some expansively wealthy aunt’s wedding”.

If you’ve ever dreamt of being whisked away by a sashaying Patrick Swayze or performing a quick two step with Jennifer Grey, then Secret Cinema’s Dirty Dancing will seem like heaven to you. The company have a hard earned reputation for dazzlingly immersive experiences, and judging by their previous production of Dirty Dancing, London’s film goers are in for a treat. 

Secret Cinema’s Dirty Dancing opens on the 21st of July 2021 for a limited two week run.  More information about the production can be found here.

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What: immersive theatre
When: 21st July 2021 6pm
Where: tbc
Website: Dirty Dancing