Upload (TV series)

Amazon Prime's Upload takes place in a world where humans get to choose what happens to them when they die.Peter Gray reports.

Sci fi comedy hybrids are seemingly all the rage right now with Amazon Prime’s Upload joining Sky One’s Code 404. The show takes a humorous look at what the afterlife might look like in a tech filled future, with humans able to choose where and how they spend the ever after.

The show, which comes from the same man who penned such hits as King Of The Hill and The Simpsons, is about to drop on Amazon Prime in early May 2020.

So, if you were thinking of checking the series out, here’s everything you need to know about the Amazon Prime sci fi comedy Upload.

What is Upload about? The show is set in the future and documents a period when humans have the ability to upload themselves into their “preferred choice of afterlife”.  The show follows recently deceased Nathan as he explores his own version of heaven with fellow afterlifer Nora.

Who is starring in the show? Robbie Amell stars as Nathan, with Andy Allo as Nora, Kevin Bigley as Luke and Owen Daniels as the A.I GUY.

Who’s behind the camera on Upload? The series is the work of American comedy writer Greg Daniels. Best known for his work on Saturday Night Live and The Simpsons, Daniels has also had a hand in such TV successes as King Of The Hill, Parks and Recreation and The Office. Apart from Upload, Daniels is currently working on the Steve Carrell vehicle Space Force for Netflix.

Daniels and Howard Klein are serving as executive producer of the show.

When will we be able to see the show? Upload will be debuting on Amazon Prime on the 1st of May 2020.

When and where did filming taking place? The principal photography for Upload took place in Vancouver, Canada from early March 2019 until mid May 2019.

Is there a trailer for the show? Yes, and it’s rather good. Check it out here.

More information about Amazon Prime’s Upload can be found here.

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What: new comedy series
When: 1 May 2020
Where: Amazon Prime
Website: Upload