Secret Sofa

Secret Cinema are bringing their immersive magic right into your living room with Secret Sofa. Peter Gray reports.

Immersive film company Secret Cinema have teamed up with Häagen-Dazs to launch an at home version of their legendary film events. The initiative, which is being dubbed “Secret Sofa”, will see the immersive cinema company stage a weekly film screening for fans to enjoy in the comfort of their own homes.

Secret Cinema have built up an impressive reputation over the last few years for their breathtakingly immersive recreations of popular movies. Using a vast network of studios and a cast of thousands, the company have brought some of the world’s most loved movies to life with stunningly realised sets, authentic props, and interactive scenes from the films.

The Coronavirus Crisis has forced the company to cease all its current productions, however. Not to be outdone, Secret Cinema have come up with a brand new way of bringing the magic of immersive cinema to their many fans.

Would be participants are requested to sign up for the initiative online. Registered users then receive a weekly newsletter with details of that week’s film and how to access it. The weekly email also contains details about the ‘pre-screening narrative’ , alongside suggestions on how to dress and what to eat.

The narrative sets out the Secret Cinema backstory prior to the commencement of the movie. with previous productions, this backstory allowed the company to set the scene for the film, as well as  offering movie goer a chance to get involved in the action.

Secret Sofa will adopt a similar approach, with the company providing a range of suggestions for how audiences can participate in the backstory, from learning a new dance routine to dressing up in a particular costume. 

And since a night at the cinema would not be the same without ice cream, Secret Sofa is offering participants a chance to purchase Haagen-Daz’s flavour of the week using a special code.

A seperate competition will offer a week’s supply of icecream for the best “Secret Sofa” images. Images must be uploaded to the company’s Facebook to stand a chance of winning. 

Max Alexander, chief executive of Secret Cinema said of the initiative: “We’re an entertainment brand and we want to bring a sense of play back into people’s homes during this time of isolation. At the heart of Secret Cinema’s experiences is audience participation and groups of strangers coming together to experience film and culture in new and interesting ways.

“‘Secret sofa’ is our home-cinema version of this, where the nation will be able to relive a Secret Cinema they loved or missed, as well as discover new titles and share their experiences with each other virtually.”

Secret Sofa will take place on Friday evenings at 7.30pm. More information can be found here.

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What: immersive cinema
When: Fridays 7.30pm
Where: your sofa
Website: Secret Sofa