Blog Of The Month For April

Our first ever blog of the month comes from Cloud Computer Engineer Laura Hyatt.

Gone are the days when bloggers were frustrated office bods, and their blogs one page affairs full of hastily chosen text and images. Bloggers these days are just as likely to regard their website as their sole source of income, and today’s blogs are, more often than not, multi page affairs, with information on everything from fashion to cookery, art to modern living.

A Heroine In Heels is a good case in point. The work of girl around town Laura Hyatt, the site is a multi section effort, covering food, fashion, travel and lifestyle. And although Hyatt has a day job, her work as a Cloud Computer Engineer means she never strays too far from her computer screen.

Heroine In Heels is quite unashamedly about the finer things in life, with the website choc-a-bloc full of reviews of five star hotels, restaurants and spas. Hyatt proves a more than able guide to this world of indulgence, too, with the computer engineer’s passion for her subject matter coming through in every sentence.

Advice and tips are well handled. An article entitled ‘How to take Water Portrait Photography Using A Kids Paddling Pool’ is both instructive and amusing, while a guide to the Italian tradition of Aperitivo is both informative and illuminating.

It is the photography that truly elevates the site out of the merely functional, however. Hyatt has a fabulous eye for detail, and her photographs are jaw droppingly vivid, so much so in fact that you often feel as if you could step into her pictures.

Fortunately, the website’s articles contain a high number of images, which means readers get a chance to experience, rather than just merely read about, what Hyatt is reviewing.

The article on tea at Annabel’s, for example, uses a staggering 16 images. There are pictures of the food, table settings, cake stands, menus, windows and candelabra. There is even a shot of Annabel’s famous bathrooms! It is this level of detail that makes Hyatt’s blog so fabulously engrossing.

The Heroine In Heels blog may place the emphasis on old school luxury, but the style and presentation of the website is entirely modern. From the sophisticated multi section format, to the informal and irreverent writing style, to the eye catching photographs adorning every page, Laura Hyatt’s blog is as achingly current as you can get. That’s why we’ve chosen Heroine In Heels as our City Countdown Blog Of The Month for April 2020.

You can read Laura Hyatt’s Heroine In Heels, here.

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