Bulletproof South Africa

With a high octane script, thrilling action sequences, and more of the buddy buddy banter that we know and love, Sky One's Bulletproof is back. Peter Gray reports.

Credit: Sky

Sky One’s explosive buddy buddy cop drama is back as the Bulletproof boys head off to South Africa for some ‘fun in the sun’. Leading men Noel Clarke and Ashley Walters both return for the latest installment in the popular series, with Clarke excitedly leaking details about the show several months ago on social media.

The special will see a clearly exhausted Pike and Bishop decide to take a holiday together in South Africa. Things don’t quite go to plan, however, and the pair soon find themselves caught up in a case involving the kidnapping of a young girl.

“Having befriended the girl’s parents earlier that day” says the synopsis for the show on Sky’s website, “Bishop and Pike decide to use their expertise to help the couple win their daughter back. The kidnappers demand an unreasonable reward for the safe return of the girl, but have no idea who they’re now up against.”

Sky’s Executive Producer Paul Gilbert was clearly thrilled to see the blockbuster series return: “We’re really excited to see TV’s favourite cop duo back in action, but transported from the mean streets of London to one of the most beautiful coastlines on the planet” he said. 

Bulletproof has been a massive hit for the  Sky, with the series regularly commanding impressive viewing figures and the central partnership of Pike and Bishop drawing comparisons to iconic crime fighting duos of the past, including Lethal Weapon’s Murtaugh and Riggs from Lethal Weapon and Bad Boys’ Lowrey and Burnett.

Season 2 of the show ended with Pike and Bishop finally bringing the crooked Markides family to justice.  The duo had managed to infiltrate the family’s crime ring earlier in the series, but things had escalated when one of the duo’s colleagues had been caught up in the conflict. 

Series 1 and 2 of the show are available to watch now on Sky or on NOW TV.

More information about Bulletproof can be found here.

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What: new series
When: 20 Jan 2021 9pm
Where: Sky One