Monty Python – Connie Constance

Fast Cars singer Connie Constance is back this month with the indie pop gem Monty Python. Peter Gray reports.

Photo by Adam Ali

One of an exciting new breed of artists who doggedly resist being classified, Connie Constance returns this month with a compelling lo fi bop called Monty Python.

Constance, whose best work fuses indie, pop, rock, r’n’b and jazz into one delicious musical stew, is in electric form on her new single, whooping and hollering like a punk princess of old, over a glorious indie rock banger.

Built on an irresistible electric guitar riff, Python augments this solid foundation with lo fi drums and synth sounds. Above it all sits Constance. Confident, sexy, irresistible. “I know you wanna take me home” she sings, in that unmistakeable voice.

Monty Python has a cohesiveness and immediacy that bodes well for the Watford born artist’s next album. The singer may have suffered in the past for her incredible diversity and unwillingness to be pigeonholed, but if this new single is anything to go by – then Constance is ready to take her place at pop’s top table.

The video for Monty Python sees Constance and her crew rocking out in an array of cool venues around the capital. Shot before the Coronavirus Crisis began, the film features the iconic Moth Club as well as a series of scenes shot on the streets of London.

Never one to do things by halves, May also sees the launch of Constance’s record label, Jump The Fence. The singer has described the new label as “all about taking the risk, pushing yourself; having no fear and just going for it.” Judging by her new release, it’s certainly of to a good start. 

Monty Python follows hard on the heels of Constance’s 2019 debut album, English Rose. The collection, which cleverly showcases the singer’s incredible voice and bold musical diversity, contains a haunting cover of the Jam’s English Rose, as well as Constance’s biggest release to date, Fast Cars.

After the indie pop triumph of Monty Python, it will be interesting to see what Constance has lined up for us next. City Countdown can hardly wait. 

More information about Connie Constance can be found here.

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