The Great Gatsby

Immersive theatre sensation The Great Gatsby returns in October 2020 with the same excitement and thrills but in a new 'Covid 19 secure' theatre. Peter Gray reports.

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If live theatre now seems a somewhat far off and exotic dream in lockdown Britain, then you’ll be delighted to hear that the stage version of the Great Gatsby is planning to reopen in October 2020.

The show is the longest running immersive theatre production in the UK having opened in 2015 in the back of a pub in York. The production closed in late March along with the rest of the West End, however, the show’s producers are confident that they can safely reopen the popular production.

The new ‘pandemic friendly’ version of the show will take the form of a masquerade ball, with the actors and audience alike wearing face masks and/or coverings. In addition to this, there will be a reduced capacity on the door, temperature checks on arrival and hand sanitiser stations throughout the building. And to ensure that the venue is completely hygienic, the theatre will be deep cleaned after every performance.

The Great Gatsby will run at 40% capacity for the time being, which means that only 103 people will be able to see the performance at any one time. This may also mean that there are more people ‘on stage’ than there are in the audience as some of the show’s breathtaking dance routines feature as many as 250 people!

The Great Gatsby tells the story of rich and glamourous Jay Gatsby and the rarefied world in which he exists. Told through the eyes of New York newbie Nick Carraway, Gatsby provides an unforgettable snapshot of America in the swinging 1920s.

The producers of the show, Hartshorn and Hook, had this to say of the reopening: “We want to offer something for people to look forward to following this extended lockdown. Our show has several inherent features that make it safer than a trip to the supermarket, so we’re embracing that and innovating”.

And just in case potential ticket buyers are worried about the Coronavirus returning, the theatre is putting into place a “no-questions-asked exchange policy” which means that if the situation takes a turn for the worse, you would be covered.

More information about the Great Gatsby can be found here.

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-London's Best Events-
What: live theatre
When: From 1 Oct 2020
Where: Immersive LDN
Website: The Great Gatsby