The Countdown Part 1

City Countdown columnist Dani Ran selects her cultural highlights for the month ahead in part 1 of City Countdown's new blog,The Countdown.

As we approach the fourth month of lockdown, it seems like many of us are now finding ourselves void of any cultural safe haven whatsoever. We’ve already binged everything worth watching on Netflix, exhausted our supply of books and magazines, and  if we get invited to one more pub quiz on Zoom, well – we certainly won’t go, anyway.

Add to this the fact that pubs and restaurants are still shut, and that countless live events are still being cancelled/postponed on an almost daily basis – and it certainly seems like finding things to look forward to is becoming a daily challenge.

Fortunately, that’s where we come in. We’ve put our ears to the ground (despite the odd looks from passers by) in order to listen out for the best events in the city.  We won’t lie – most of those events are virtual or ‘social distancing’ right now – but we think we’ve found a few corkers for you, nonetheless.  

 So here’s what we’re counting down to this month: 

The Premier League

17 June – 7 July

Return of the Premier League

Could there be any better tonic for the nation that the return of the Premier League? Following a series of detailed discussions between the Football Association and the clubs themselves, agreement was reached that the Premiership would recommence in mid June. Titled ‘Project Restart’, the plan involves empty stadiums, neutral grounds and blanket television coverage. Oh, and there’ll be a series of free games, too. You can see more information about the Premier League’s return here

The Glastonbury Experience

26 – 29 June 

The Glastonbury Experience

The cancellation of the Glastonbury Festival was one of the biggest cultural tragedies of the pandemic. The event, which was celebrating its 50th anniversary, was set to welcome Paul McCartney, Diana Ross and Taylor Swift, to name but three of the world’s biggest stars. Thankfully, the BBC has stepped in with The Glastonbury Experience – a weekend long celebration of the magic of the Somerset festival. Tune in to BBC Two, BBC Four, and the BBC iPlayer from 26 – 29 June to feast your eyes and ears on legendary Glasto performances from the likes of Adele, Beyoncé, David Bowie, and Jay Z. You can find more information about The Glastonbury Experience here


July – October (various locations)


Photograph: Courtesy of @TheDriveIn

@TheDriveIn is 2020’s answer to cinema. Taking place in eleven cities across the UK over the course of twelve weeks, @TheDriveIn is your new favourite drive in cinema. While the project was brainstormed up prior to the coronavirus crisis, it really couldn’t have come at a better time. You simply buy a ticket online, pull up and claim your parking space, and enjoy one of your fave blockbusters in the comfort of your own car. You can find out more information and see their full listings here.

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