Blog Of The Month For September 2020 – The Worktop

Our blog of the month for September is The Worktop. City Countdown columnist Beatrice Tridimas runs the rule over the foodie blog.

Sweet or savoury, with flexible hours and a pretty much anything you want to eat any time of day before, let’s say 5(?), brunch has taken over as very much the best meal of the day. An excuse for cake for breakfast or booze before 12pm, it’s full of endless opportunities. And whilst nothing might get you out the house like the promise of perfectly fluffy pancakes or a stuffed-up breakfast burrito, sometimes it is nice just to roll out of bed and brunch in your PJs.

That’s where The Worktop comes in.

Founded by Barrister-turned-Barista, Tina, The Worktop gets this month’s top blog spot for its tantalising array of breakfast and brunch recipes. Brunch obsessed Tina, who once drove a convertible and worked as an attorney in LA, is now settled in London where she works on her blog and works at the trendy brunch favourite, The Espresso Room.

No need to sweat over eggs or pancakes because Tina has an extensive selection of recipes for both, including the simplest, most perfect of crepes, and these delicious Turkish-style scrambled eggs.

one of the gorgeous bakes at the Worktop

Whether you’re on the go, or like to take time over a multi-course brunch, Tina has something for everyone. If you’re looking for something healthy, dairy free or kid friendly, she’s got it. In fact, even if you hate breakfast, this breakfast pizza, or these chicken enchiladas might hit the spot.

Amongst classic waffle recipes or the ultimate maple glazed bacon, are more experimental breakfasts, including a feta and watermelon salad or minestrone soup – if the brunch queen says it’s ok, it’s ok. And if you really want to treat yourself you might try out this cotton candy coffee or these champagne crepes. Whilst the do-it-yourself-ers might prefer recipes for homemade jam, granola or pancake mix.

The on-the-go recipes are more exciting than homemade granola bars and even include homemade pop tarts, amongst a range of fruit bread, muffins, breakfast bars and breakfast balls.

Toast from Tina at the Worktop

As well as breakfast and brunch recipes, the queen of brunch has compiled a guide of her favourite brunch spots in London and has been known to host a (5 course) brunch or two in her own home complete with home-made orange, carrot and ginger juice.

Whether you’re looking for breakfast muffins or breakfast casseroles, brunch your way out of quarantine with The Worktop and keep an eye out for those pop-up brunches when the time comes around. For an extra dose of deliciousness you can subscribe to Tina’s email here.

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