The Tube Tube

The Plastock 360 Persona Screen is certain to get you noticed on your morning commute. Peter Gray reports.

Picture: Spencer Griffiths

The Coronavirus Crisis has transformed so much of our daily lives that it is little surprise that the crisis is now having an effect on the way we dress, too.

The most visible symbol of that impact is the face mask, of course. The summer’s must have accessory is also the most eye catching. I mean, how can anyone possibly fail to notice something that obscures half of the wearer’s face?

Not surprisingly, fashion companies have turned their hands to making the little garments. Here are some of our favourites:

1) We love these Little Mistress masks. The company have produced them in collaboration with The masks are 100% cotton and available in packs of 3, 10, 20 and 50.

Little Mistress Face Masks

2) Mango have got in on the act with a classy range of masks. There is something to suit all tastes, including a cool black face mask, and a fierce and funky animal print. Mango’s range of masks are available from the retailer’s website beginning at £12.99.

Mango Face Mask

3) We really love these delightful floral jacquard masks from Prabal Gurung, too. They are a real head turner. 

Prabal Gurung Face Masks

However, when it comes to pandemic wear, one company is way out ahead of the field. Ladies and gentlemen, allow us to introduce you to the Plastock 360 Persona Screen, otherwise known as the Tube Tube.

The Tube Tube

Picture: Spencer Griffiths

This is one bad boy that is sure to get you noticed. Again and again and again.

The 360 is a device for those who are determined to take no chances whatsoever. The kind of people who were bulk buying toilet roll months before the lockdown was even announced. The kind of people who are still searching Google for a hazmat suit.

The 360 is designed to offer a whole ‘nother level of protection on your daily commute, or in any situation where you feel less than safe.

Fashioned from sealed 5mm thick acrylic plastic, the 360 is designed to enclose the wearer’s whole head. Each unit is made to fit your specifications, however, so there is no chance of getting stuck inside – although wouldn’t that make a funny story. 

The Tube Tube is not for the shy or retiring, though, as you will almost certainly attract a lot of attention while wearing it. If you’ve ever complained that no one smiles on the Tube, however, then this device will certainly rectify that.

The Plastock 360 Persona Screen is available for £95 +VAT. More information about the device can be found here.

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