Burberry’s Outdoor Fashion Show

Back To Nature points the way as to how major fashion brands can continue to operate during the Coronavirus Crisis. Peter Gray reports.

One of Britain’s most iconic brands has announced that it is to stage an audience free catwalk show in September. Burberry’s outdoor fashion show will showcase the legendary fashion house’s Spring/Summer 2021 collection, while also pointing the way to how big brands can continue to operate during the global pandemic.

“Now more than ever, we have to reimagine, to change,” a spokesperson for Burberry said in a press release. “We’ve always been drawn to nature and today we look to the purity and simplicity of the outdoors – where our founder Thomas Burberry laid our foundations – redefining our fashion landscape through new forms of expression.”

“Set in the British outdoors, the spring/summer 2021 collection will come to life on the 17 September as a live physical presentation that is open for all to experience digitally – opening new spaces to our global community as we reconnect with nature and each other”.

With continuing concerns about the spread of Covid 19, Burberry have decided to stage the event without an audience, instead choosing to stream the show over the internet.

The event will be carbon neutral, too, with Burberry taking measures to minimise the presentation’s environmental impact while offsetting any residual emissions through the Burberry Regeneration Fund.

“As humans, we have always had a deep affinity to nature,” the statement continues. “We have had to respect and rely upon its power for our very existence, whilst marvelling and revelling in its extraordinary beauty. Especially recently, we have all yearned to reconnect again and for this show, I wanted to celebrate these feelings by bringing our community together in a creative experience that takes place within the beautiful, natural landscape of Britain.”

The Coronavirus Crisis has hit the global fashion industry hard. A large number of brands have been forced to close their studios and factories, with the result that the global fashion industry has come to an almost complete halt. 

With little new product to promote, fashion houses now exist in a state of inertia. And where once the fashion industry calendar revolved around the big four fashion weeks (London, Paris, Milan and New York), now, with garment production at an all time low, the importance of Fashion Week events is beginning to decrease. 

With this in mind, London’s recent digital fashion week perhaps represented the beginning of an industry fight back, with designers keen to demonstrate their willingness to adopt new methods and meanings to communicate with fashion lovers. 

The event, which comprised a series of shows, discussions, interviews and films, was a huge success, pointing the way for how the industry could adapt during the pandemic.

As much of a hit as the event was, however, it was noticeable that many major brands decided to give the event the miss. That’s why it was so heartening to hear about Burberry’s new show.

The event, which will showcase Burberry’s Spring/Summer 2021 collection, will take place on the 17th of September at an as yet unnamed Central London venue. 

In keeping with London’s recent fashion week, the event will be streamed online for those who cannot make the show in person.

Burberry’s outdoor fashion show, Back To Nature, will take place on the 17th of September 2020. More information about the event can be found here.

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What: catwalk show
When: 17 Sept 2020
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