Introducing the Safari Supper

Even if you don't go abroad this year, you can still experience a safari (supper) with the government's discount dining scheme. Peter Gray reports.

Tired of the same old boring choices for breakfast, lunch, and dinner? Thankfully, help is at hand, from the government’s newly announced restaurant discount scheme. The initiative, entitled Eat Out To Help Out, will see participating restaurants offering a 50% discount on dining out throughout August.

It’s not quite as simple as it sounds, however. The maximum discount you can receive in each participating restaurant is set at £10, which means you’ll need to get your thinking cap on to bag a biggest discount.

Luckily, there is a way around it, as canny Londoner’s have been only to eager to share on social media. The ‘hack’ allows diners to get far larger discounts when eating out in London during August.

Introducing the Safari Supper

A safari supper involving eating your starter, main and dessert in three separate restaurants. In so doing, you can extract the maximum from the government’s discount scheme.

The Safari Supper

If you had a starter, main and dessert in one restaurant and each cost £10 then the total would be £30. Your discount under the scheme would then be £10 (the maximum allowed).

However, if you had your starter, main and dessert in different restaurants, you would receive a £5 discount in each restaurant. Hence you would only pay £15 altogether.

The scheme will run in parallel with the government’s newly announced 15 per cent reduction in VAT for food. This means that a meal out in August will cost only a fraction of the cost of the same meal at any other time of the year.

Some examples of the saving on offer at participating restaurants (dining at only one restaurant):


The chain’s popular chicken katsu curry dish costs £10.25. However, this would cost just £4.36 factoring the discount scheme and the reduction in VAT.

Jason Atherton Social Eating House

The Social Eating House’s set lunch menu costs £25 pounds for three courses. This would cost just factoring in the discount scheme and the reduction in tax.

Burger King

You can eat to your hearts content at fast food giant Burger King. They’re Whopper would cost just £2.25 with the Eat Out discount.


The Portuguese chicken giant was one of the first restaurants to sign up to the government’s scheme. Nandos is good value at the best of times but with the Eat Out To Help Out Scheme, diners could half a chicken, chips, and coleslaw for just

Discount Dining Scheme

Pizza Hut

The Pizza kings have also registered for the government scheme. Prices vary depending on the restaurant that you go to, but a pepperoni meat feast in London will set you back a lowly £5.85 (normal price £11.79).

City Countdown understands that the government is aware of the ‘loopholes’ in the scheme, but they are reluctant to close them as their priority is to get Britain spending money and supporting businesses.

The Eat Out To Help Out Scheme is running on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays throughout August at participating restaurants.

More information about the scheme can be found here.

For information on other great restaurants in London, please click here.


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