Plonk Crazy Golf, Hackney

London's latest outdoor attraction promises a summer of strolling in green fields drinking pina coladas. Introducing Plonk Crazy Golf, London Fields. Peter Gray reports.

Credit: Plonk Golf

To us, golf means endless walking, men dressed like pimps, and Donald Trump. Put a ‘crazy’ in front of it, however, and we’re all in. That’s why we were so excited to hear about Plonk Crazy Golf, Hackney.

London’s latest outdoor attraction is already causing a massive buzz among lockdown weary Londoners with its retro arcade, pinball parlour, ice cream shack and tiki bar. It’s the bring your own cocktail offer that is really piquing the imagination of the capital’s crazy golfing community, however. 

Ok, before you get carried away with visions of strolling the green with a margarita in each hand, we should perhaps let you know that there is a little bit more to it than that. Rule number one: you provide the alcohol.

Plonk is an unlicensed venue so the company are not allowed to sell their own alcohol. However, if punters are prepared to bring the liquor – the Plonk team are only too happy to turn it into cocktails. Plonk are advising visitors to bring 1 bottle of base liquor (Rum / Gin / Vodka / Whiskey) for up to 4 people. Or, you could just drink it all yourself. The choice is yours!

Ok, but what of the course itself, I hear you ask. Plonk’s Hackney site contains all the expected crazy golf holes that you know and love. Basically, the company have taken the best holes from their other sites and created a greatest hits course in London Fields.

The course is also ‘fully accessible’ which means it is suitable for “people of all abilities and ages”. Whether that remains the case after you have polished off all your cocktails remains to be seen, however.

The venue also boasts a Pinball Parlour with “more pinball machines than anywhere else in London” and an array of retro arcade machines and board games. 

With regards to food, Plonk Hackney will be serving up an array of mouthwatering sandwiches from its in house kitchen as well as a range of tantalising ice creams and gelatos from its Ice cream parlour. 

More information about Plonk Crazy Gold London Fields can be found here.

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What: London attractions
When: open now
Where: Hackney
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