Daffodil Mulligan to Reopen

As London begins to slowly reopen, news reaches us that Richard Corrigan's charming Shoreditch restaurant Daffodil Mulligan is to reopen. Peter Gray reports

Richard Corrigan’s popular Shoreditch restaurant Daffodil Mulligan has announced plans to reopen on the 1st of September 2020. The restaurant, which takes the number of eateries owned by the celebrated chef to three, opened in 2019 to a string of impressive reviews, before been forced to close again in late March 2020 due to the Coronavirus Crisis.

Mulligan, whose name is thought to reference a 1930’s Seamus Kavanagh song, Biddy Mulligan the Pride of the Coombe, is set over two floors with a ground floor dining room and a basement bar with additional areas for dining. 

Managing to feel both cosy & intimate and big & slick at the same time, the restaurant was busy establishing itself as one of East London’s must visit venues  when the pandemic hit.

Corrigan certainly pulled in an impressive assortment of talent for his East London debut, with Tony Gibney joining the team from the legendary Irish pub owning family, and John Nugent joining from Kings Place. And to make it a real family affair, the trio enlisted the help of Corrigan’s son, Richie, Gibney’s son Cormac, and John Nugent’s son Harry.

City Countdown Food Columnist Peter Gray was certainly impressed when he visited the venue last November. 

“Daffodil Mulligan makes a fantastic addition to Shoreditch’s dining scene” he said, in a glowing review. “The venue is warm and inviting, the service (from the Mulligan family) is impeccable, and the food is consistently outstanding. A real treat”.

It was the cooking at the venue which really impressed City Countdown’s Editor, however. “It’s the food that I’ve come for, and it certainly doesn’t disappoint. A plate of crispy Salt Chilli Chicken with a well thought out Chorizo Mayo accompaniment. A Soused Herring dish built upon the most lip smackingly fresh fish. A plate of crab thrillingly enlivened by pickled pear and a Taramaslata dish that consisted of dreamy clouds of creamy, dreamy Cod Roe. 

It’s the Sugar Pit Pork that has me grinning like a fool, however. The meat is melt in your mouth tender and the pineapple, lychee and mint accompaniment is just perfect”.

I finish (and heaven knows how I have room) with the Baked Apple. The dish is delightfully presented with a skillfully placed dash of yoghurt and a pecan on top. The flavours are spot on too, but I have a minor quibble. The baked apple could have done with a few more minutes in the oven. It is still hard and try as I might, I cannot cut it with the supplied spoon. I eventually pick the whole thing up and jam it unceremoniously into my mouth. It’s unsurprisingly gorgeous”. 

Daffodil Mulligan will reopen on the 1st of September 2020 with the restaurant already accepting bookings. You can find more information about the restaurant here.

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