Made To Order – fashion’s next great adventure

With its focus on individuality and inherent sustainability, Made to Order could be 2020's most important trend. Sophia Savage reports.

From the well heeled streets of Milan to the breathtaking skyscrapers of Shanghai, there is a new trend taking hold. It’s called Made to Order – and it might just be fashion’s next big adventure.

In recent months, the phenomenon has been embraced by some of fashion’s biggest names, including Dior, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Burberry, Longchamp, and Loewe.

Made to Order is not just about purchasing something made with you in mind, however. It is a collaborative process that acknowledges both the designer and the customer in a fusion of ideas. 

The trend allows fashion lovers to express their identities while also creating the conditions for a more meaningful and sustainable fashion industry.

Shoe designer Sergio Rossi embraced the growing desire for Made to Order products recently when they offered buyers the chance to customise one of their top selling products – the SR1.

The #YourOwnSergioRossi campaign gives participants the freedom to choose their own colour scheme, materials and accessories using a web simulator. The finished designs are then stamped with the owner’s initials to add an extra element of personalisation.

Would be purchasers can see their customised designs at each point of the design process, as they change individual elements of the product.

The campaign has been a great success with Rossi confiding that the initiative had stimulated huge interest in China and other key markets.

The Rossi campaign was driven by Platforme, a powerful software technology which enables “at scale customization, personalization and digital collections across industries”.

With the ever growing desire for made to order goods, the platform has been besieged with companies wanting to use its technology. Up to now the platform has launched MTO experiences with 25 major brands – with household names like Fendi and Dior amongst them.

The platform allows brands to showcase their products while allowing customers to decide on the specific details of their made-to-order.

Once the details of the order are finalised, the Platform’s sophisticated design engine comes to the fore – generating an order confirmation and a technical sheet which can be forwarded to the brand’s factory.

Made to order pieces do not only offer fashion lovers the ultimate in bespoke luxury, however, the trend is ticking multiple other boxes, too.

For one thing, since MTO orders are driven by the customer, overproduction is almost completely eliminated.

The Made to Order phenomenon is great at celebrating diversity, too. This is because the phenomenon allows buyers to weave in regional and local traditions into their customised pieces.

And while once made to Order products were the exclusive preserve of oligarchs and trustafarians, nowadays, thanks to improvements in the technology used to product the garments, made to Order products is becoming increasingly within reach for the general public at large.

CEO of Platform E, Ben Demiri recently told MSN: “We built our technology with a global mindset. Most of our clients use the Latin alphabet, but our technology can help personalise in virtually any key that a computer can type,”

With its collaborative approach and focus on individuality, not to mention its inherent sustainability, Made to Order technology is not surprisingly on the rise. And as the technology comes within the reach and price range of everyday buyers, the phenomenon looks set to be fashion’s next big adventure.

You can find more information about the #yourownsergiorossi campaign here.

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