Thames Lens Photography Competition: The Unlocked Thames

This year's Thames Lens Photography Competition gives amateur photographers a chance to capture the essence of life along London's key artery. Peter Gray reports.

Calling all amateur photographers – this is your chance to capture life on and beside the River Thames – and win a prize for doing so! The Thames Lens Photography Competition will offer a variety of goodies to photography enthusiasts, including photography courses, exhibition tickets, vouchers and more.

The competition, which has been created by the Thames Festival Trust in partnership with the Port Of London Authority (PLA), is calling for photographers to “seek out the life, industry, culture, sports and more that the Thames is home to.” And with the river beginning to throb with activity once more following the London lockdown, could there be a better time to do so? 

Alistair Gale from the PLA had this to say about the competition: “This year’s events have put a premium on family time, the outdoors and reconnecting with nature. As we approach the heart of the summer, now is the time to bring those three themes together, on the Thames. We’d love people to share with us their view of our, post lockdown river as they venture along the riverbank, and afloat again, to enjoy the unique vistas of the Thames Unlocked.”

The Director of Thames Festival Trust, Adrian Evans, meanwhile, was keen to emphasise the importance of the Thames to London’s civic and cultural life. “There is no better place to pause, breathe and ease the soul than being on or by the Thames. This year’s competition draws on the experience of the last few months and we hope will draw people to the calming waters of the river, both to pause and reflect, while they seek inspiration to capture the river as it unlocks.”

Thames Lens Competition

If you would like to enter the Thames Unlocked Photography Competition, you can submit your chosen photograph via the Thames Trust website or upload it via Instagram using the #ThamesLens & @thamesfesttrust hashtags.

The deadline for entries is the 29th of January 2021 with the winners chosen shortly afterwards by a panel including representatives from the Thames Festival Trust and the Port of London Authority and a professional photographer.

As an additional bonus, and COVID permitting, the winning photographs will also be featured in an exclusive new exhibition “attended by a number of high profile guests from river and arts organisations.”

More information about the Thames Lens Photography Competition can be found here.

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Competition Ends In:
What: competition
When: until 29 Jan 2021
Where: London
Website: Thames Lens