A nine metre high mural of George Micheal is coming to North West London

UK artist Dawn Mellor is promising to take fans of the star to the edge of heaven with her forthcoming mural of the singer. Peter Gray reports.

There may have been careless whispers before, but now it’s been confirmed: a nine metre high mural of George Michael is coming to London. Fans of the singer have been waiting for the day for many years, but thanks to Brent council, their faith has finally been rewarded, with the new work set to be unveiled on the 19th of September in Kingsbury.

Michael, who passed away on Christmas Day 2016, was born and raised in the North West London town, and it is thus only fitting that the area will play home to the new artwork.

London artist Dawn Mellor has been commisioned to create the tribute to the late singer,  which will provide a fitting tribute to Michael’s outstanding achievements in the music industry. 

The new artwork is part of the Brent Biennial – one of a number of events organised to celebrate the area being chosen as this year’s London Borough of Culture. 

The Biennial will begin on the 19th of September 2020 and run until the 13th of December in a variety of public spaces around Brent.

The festival will showcase the Brent’s rich culture, history, and people, with an array of bespoke events, walking tours, talks and workshops.

The George Michael artwork is just one of 23 projects commissioned for the Biennial with artists such Jaykoe, Imran Qureshi, Rasheed Araeen and Dawn Mellor also taking part in the event.

 The deputy mayor for culture and the creative industries, Just Simmons, had this to say about the initiative: ‘Our city is overflowing with creativity, and public art is a fantastic way to showcase it. Brent Biennial will give artists a public canvas and bring the stories of our local communities to life.’

The London Borough of Culture award was created by Mayor Of London Sadiq Khan in 2017 to shine a light on London’s boroughs and showcase their diversity and creativity.

The initiative enables each borough to submit an annual bid for the funding necessary to put on the year long programme of cultural events. Last year, the award was won Waltham Forest in East London.

More information about George Micheal can be found here.

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