Harri’s Inflatable Trousers

Not one for the shrinking violets perhaps, but Harri's inflatable trousers will certainly get you noticed. Peter Gray reports.

If you’re looking for something to help you stand out from the crowd, then these daring pants by London fashion designer Harikrishnan might be just the thing.  Harri’s Inflatable Trousers have been a viral sensation since they first appeared in the London College of Fashion student’s graduate collection, and now, with a little help from the APOC Store, they are finally available for pre order.

Made from 100% latex, the trousers are available in two styles, Black Limo and Striped Swirl with each one retailing for a cool $1,000 US dollars.

In keeping with such a unique and bespoke product, the trousers come with a number of warnings about how to keep them looking good. You won’t want to overinflate them, obviously. However, you’ll need to keep them away from heat and light. Metals are a no no, too. Oh, and you can add oils to that list.

Intriguingly, the manufacturer also advises wears to use talcum powder when wearing the trousers, although we couldn’t for the life of us work out why.

The APOC Store is an innovative new fashion platform which curates an intriguing mix of new fashion from emerging designers. The platform not only offers young designers a channel to showcase their work but also a means of making money while they find their feet in the fashion industry.

Harri's Inflatable Trousers 2

Harikrishnan has been blowing up the internet ever since his graduate collection debuted at the London College of Fashion earlier this year. A slew of fashion publications featured the designer with his inflatable trousers quickly becoming a viral sensation.

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