Molly Goddard wows with SS21 Collection

The designer's latest collection offered a much needed dose of optimism & colour in the midst of the global pandemic. Sophia Savage reports.

I very much doubt that we will ever need the fun, exuberance and gaiety of the fashion industry quite as much as we do now. This week, London based designer Molly Goddard presented her bold and optimistic SS21 collection at London Fashion Week – and her colourful new pieces were the perfect tonic to the doom and gloom currently engulfing the nation. 

This is the collection Goddard doubted would ever come to fruition. In the dark days of March 2020, with the fashion industry (along with the rest of the world) shutting down, the designer began to worry that she might never produce another collection. With the company’s orders drying up and her studio forced to close  – the designer was struck by a feeling of helplessness.

Fast forward six months, however, and Goddard is back. Her Bethnal Green studio has reopened, and her new collection is winning rave reviews from the national press.

And what a collection it is. The young British designer’s Spring/Summer 2021 collection contains all the things we love about Goddard, and a whole lot more besides. It is also one giant, reassuring dose of positivity and optimism in a world currently crying out for such qualities. 

With social distancing still very much the norm in the UK, Goddard chose to showcase her latest collection via a short film shot at her East London studio. The space, all white walled minimalism,  proved the perfect backdrop for the collection, with the exuberance of the designer’s new outfits coming to the fore. 

Goddard’s new collection is further evidence of a new trend currently sweeping the fashion industry.  The UK’s top designers, perhaps conscious of the mood of the nation, are beginning to essay a much more positive aesthetic – and one which is characterised by exuberant colours, bold motifs and luxurious fabrics & accessories. Goddard’s latest collection fits neatly into this trend, with its bold palette including lemon yellow, tangerine and metallic blue. 

The designer’s signature ‘Killing Eve’ look is very much in evidence, too. Goddard made headlines around the world a couple of years ago when one of her pink tulle dresses was worn by the show’s leading character,  Villanelle. Goddard’s SS21 collection show that the designer is only too aware of the importance of the piece. 

So, what was the inspiration for Goddard’s new collection?

The designer has cited two main inspirations for SS21. Speaking to Vogue, Goddard said that her SS21 collection had been inspired by her own personal style and “the way that I like to wear clothes”.

The designer went on to describe her personal style thus: “I want clothes that make me feel happy, to feel better about myself. I like to find my own way of wearing garments — layering things up and having fun — so it’s different from what anyone else has, and that way I never repeat an outfit”.

The second key influence on Goddard’s SS21 collection is a villa in Italy. “There is this amazing house in Italy called Villa Menafoglio Litta, once owned by Giuseppe and Giovanni Panza, who were art collectors in the ’50s.” Goddard told Vogue.  “I’ve had images of their house in my head for a long time”.

Here is Molly Goddard’s SS21 show in full:

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