Cahoot’s Bootlegger Breakout

The Cahoots Bar looks like it has another winner on its hands with this puzzle-solving, cocktail making escape room experience. Peter Gray reports.

They may describe themselves as scoundrels, but they certainly know how to put on one helluva event. Soho’s Cahoots Bar is a fun filled pleasure palace, and its three unique spaces (the Underground, the Control Room and the Ticket Hall) regularly host some of London’s most imaginative and exciting events. 

The venue’s latest wheeze is called Cahoot’s Bootlegger Breakout. Beginning on Saturday the 17th of October 2020, the event will see the Soho bar launch their first ever escape room & cocktail making experience.

Taking places “in the depths” of the Cahoots Control Room, the event will see a group of new “recruits” (the participants) replace a group of Scoundrels who have been imprisoned for selling hooky booze on the black market. So do you think you have what it takes to help Cahoots revive their illegal production line?

You’ll be working against the clock: solving puzzles, discovering allies, uncovering recipes and unlocking the ingredients needed to get the production line rocking and rolling again. But there’s no need to panic – well, not yet anyway!

The escape room portion of the experience will revolve around a Scoundrel who has been left tied up in the Control Room’s iron locker. Your job will be to find the key to the locker to release the man so that he can help you create the necessary cocktails before the police arrive.

During the evening you will have a chance to recreate one of the speakeasy’s most popular tipples – the Winston Churchill. If that goes well there may even be an opportunity to create your own bootleg punch.

Cahoots is owned by the Inception Group. The company own a series of innovative bars in London, including all of the Mr Fogg venues (Mr Fogg’s Residence, Tavern, Gin Parlour, House of Botanicals and Mr Fogg’s Society of Exploration). The group also own London’s first speakeasy, Barts, the 80s-themed nightspot Maggie’s and the popular Bunga Bunga chain.

Cahoots Bootlegger Breakout begins on Saturday the 17th of October 2020 with sessions taking place every Saturday & Sunday from 12pm.  Tickets for the event cost £45pp, which includes three Cahoots cocktails.

More information about the event can be found here.

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-London's Best Events-
What: escape rooms
When: From 17 Oct 2020
Where: Cahoots Soho