The Undoing

With a heavyweight cast and production team, Sky Atlantic's The Undoing looks a surefire hit. Peter Gray reports.

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With a cast featuring Nicole Kidman and Hugh Grant and a script written by David E Kelley, The Undoing was always going to be an event.

The series tells the story of Grace and Jonathan Fraser (Kidman and Grant), a wealthy New York couple who appear to have it all, but whose lives taken a dramatic and unexpected turn for the worse.

Based on Jean Hanff Korelitz’s 2014 novel, The Undoing has a screenplay by veteran  Hollywood screenwriter Kelley, the man responsible for some of the biggest TV hits of the last 25 years

Kelley’s list of successes stretch back to LA Law in 1986, and since then, the writer has been responsible for everything from Ally McBeal to Chicago Hope.

With all that talent onboard, The Undoing was always going to be unmissable TV. So, if you were thinking of catching the series when it lands on Sky, here’s everything you need to know about the series. 

So, what’s The Undoing about?

Nicole Kidman and Hugh Grant star as Grace and Jonathan Fraser, a New York couple with a beautiful house, great careers, and a loving son.  Grace works as a therapist; her husband is an award winning oncologist and their son attends one of the best schools in the city.

When Jonathan disappears, however, Grace’s carefully constructed life begins to fall apart. First there are the questions about Jonathan’s activity before his disappearance, then there are suspicions about the disappearance itself, and finally doubts are raised over her husband’s identity.

Grace soon learns that a woman has been bludgeoned to death and there are suggestions that Jonathan had something to do with it. It is all a bit too much for the grieving wife.

The Undoing First Look

“Left behind in the wake of a spreading and very public disaster and horrified by the ways in which she has failed to heed her own advice, Grace must dismantle one life and create another for her child and herself” a Sky press release for the show.

Grant seems born to play the role of the mysterious but charming husband. Offering fans a teaser of what’s in store for his character, Grant had this to say about his character in the show: “That sort of smooth and marvellous way a doctor approaches a patient, relaxed and calming and smooth and elegant, and in a way, too good to be true. A saviour. I’ve always found that creepy,” he said.

Who’s in the cast of The Undoing?

Apart from Kidman and Grant, The Undoing stars Édgar Ramirez (American Crime Story) as Detective Joe Mendoza and Noah Jupe (A Quiet Place) as the couple’s son Henry.

And in a real coup, the show also features Hollywood legend Donald Sutherland (The Hunger Games) as Grace’s widowed dad.

Does The Undoing have a trailer?

Yes, there’s a trailer and several teaser mini trailers, too. 

Where was The Undoing filmed?

The series was filmed on location in New York City and Kingston, Jamaica.

When will the series debut on the small screen?

The Undoing will premiere on Sky Atlantic on the 26th of October 2020. The series will be screened at 2am and again at 9pm.

More information about The Undoing can be found here.

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What: new drama/thriller
When: 26 Oct 2020
Where: Sky Atlantic
Website: The Undoing