Homeslice Free Pizza Promotion

The Homeslice Free Pizza Promotion is set to spread a little joy during the winter months. Peter Gray reports.

If you’ve followed this site for any length of time, you’ll know that there’s nothing we like more than free food. So when we heard about Homeslice’s free pizza promotion, naturally, we were all over it.

Dubbed the Slice of Normality, the giveaway forms part of the popular pizza chain’s attempt to spread a little cheer during the pandemic. To this end, Homeslice are giving away 500 slices of free pizza to grateful Londoners. Well, we say free, but actually, you’ll have to do a teeny bit of work for it.   

First, you’ll need to sign up for the Homeslice Newsletter or Instagram feed to find out where the promotion is taking place (a different branch of the chain will be running the promotion each week).

Second, you’ll need to post about the offer on Instagram Stories (don’t spread the word too far as you might not get a slice! Then, once you’ve done that, all you’ll need to do is get yourself down to the participating branch where a steaming hot slice of London’s finest will be all yours.

The offer runs for the rest of 2020.

More information about Homeslice can be found here.

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Offer Ends In:
What: free pizza baby!
When: weekly
Where: Homeslice restaurant
Website: Homeslice Pizza