Bruce Nauman Exhibition

Tate Modern's forthcoming Bruce Nauman Exhibition will introduce the multidisciplinary artist to a whole new generation of art lovers. Peter Gray reports.

The True Artist Helps the World by Revealing Mystic Truths (Window or Wall Sign). Tate Modern, London

Multi-disciplinary American artist Bruce Nauman is the subject of a major new show at Tate Modern this autumn. The first large scale exhibition of his work in over 20 years, the event will showcase a selection of the artist’s best works from his 50+ year career.

Including more than 40 works, the exhibition will explore the themes that have dominated the artist’s work since he first began to produce art as young man. 

“Unfolding across a sequence of immersive installations inviting deep viewer engagement, the show acknowledges how Nauman’s works contrast the instant gratification of today’s screen-based information and entertainment culture. It also reveals how Nauman has transformed the way we think about art by exploring our understanding of language and our perception of our physical and psychological place in the world” says a press release by Tate Modern.

Known for the diversity of his output and the flexibility of his practice, Nauman has worked across video, drawing, printmaking, sculpture, photography, and performance. However, it is his light installations that have proved the most enduring.

Using simple phrases and passages of wordplay, Nauman has created visually arresting works using cleverly chosen neon lights. A selection of the artist’s signs will be featured in the exhibition.

The Tate Modern webpage for the event has described Nauman as a relentlessly inventive artist and said that the exhibition would allow visitors “to engage with the artist’s universe through immersive installations with a strong emphasis on sound and moving image, as well as poetic sculptures and neon pieces”.

The exhibition has been organised by Tate Modern and the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam in collaboration with Pirelli HangarBicocca, Milan.

More information about Bruce Nauman can be found here.

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